#110 Making Strides

Thursday, October 26th

We have guests from the American Cancer Society's Making Strides Against Breast Cancer event that we are hosting this Saturday to talk about everything! Plus we fan girled out on our tour of Imgur yesterday and at the same time felt really old and out of touch. 


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Hello welcome to absorb 110. Of the Nikki christened in the morning podcast man up a lot of episodes crazy. We're gonna talk about our tour we took an image or yesterday we gonna get your unbelievable headline we'll have Heidi and Megan in here to talk about making strides against breast cancer of the event that's happening. On Saturday that we're actually hosting. Yeah and then we're gonna take it you I have. He's 6485 tail lights and put him Christen the morning call again. So you've set the sub kind of future even trying to set this up for awhile yes so. Even Jerry is a web sites it's I am a CU RR dot com does not. Oh really yeah I MG your doctor. That thanks. Did your dot com. And basically it's like granite if you've ever been on Friday it's but it's basically with just pictures yet post means that post stories with pictures and it's pretty fun and even three years we've been following in kind of lurking in the shadows looking at everybody stuff and laughing at a high and our computers and it doesn't clever site in some really interesting people are on this. And let me move to separate Cisco we realize that it is based here in San Francisco that's where the headquarters as. And sell I hit a Sarah who's one of that ad means there and was like he would love to have its core yeah chizik would love to get a sore hip my PR person. And I did and then they never heard a response now to be honest I was kind of like wow obviously they don't want us there that's O'Donnell and I just heard about us than their like use specifically. Don't want Mariah and around these are exactly so I was like wanna at a press them on the issue in an Al bomb but then when they're holding in events. I'm next starting next Friday and yet don't extra life. And it's basically 24 hours of Dane. And you buy tickets if you wanna be a party who go down to headquarters you can game and it's to raise money for charities and things like that. Yet it's all kinds of games. 24 hours day or games video games cards gets humanity and it's just a bunch who getting together and playing games. And it benefits a specific charity I forget the the name had children that for get a chance marijuana Orton so let's talk extra life and where we buy tickets we wanna go to directives that gaming. Hello yes and it's just a mile fun and tickets gas are still on sale as of now so if you money to buy tickets. And you saw this and you're like let's go so we bought our tickets and you son maybe 31. Should come out and placing these extra Matty he should make an appearance. And so I offered up and they said. Yeah yeah at the southern Greg is there's very few things I can do as detained 31 which I guess I'll just that is my secret identity. Casey had figured out I am Dee gene DJ in 31 and I play nerd music the rank and it's very uncommon. Ray is a man very specific set of skills that you have wings and I thought we need wedding easier d.s in XT get a very classy in and professional no one wants to tell her wedding party but telling us and we are DJ nerdy you'll write the DJ and everyone comes out occasionally can't to play nerdy looking and if ever he was put a plane events. It is going to be this death cell we got to come down Argo down to cemetery yesterday to cut a check gal like what you gonna need equipment YS and at the same time. Took the tour we've been trying to take a moment. It doesn't work from home Wednesday where it's we I think likely need to adopt here at the station yeah right on so there's very few people in the office but he brought them cupcake cup cakes and cutesy cupcakes yes we'll tell you how you can get cupcakes coming up in the second. Well in that would Mindy and I is sick. And they told they gave us a tour or gives teachers ST terse yes it's pretty cool I'm only from toll fan girl but it's crazy really. Rude to the certain things that you know about as an amateur community. Like there's something called the potato man there's a whole back story to this potato and it's on Sarah's desk. And so we saw the thing then the third set he didn't know what a great setting but I got stickers the night at T shirts and we get to go in game with these people for twice farmers can be pretty awesome. It's getting very cool and they're gonna be streaming it live on not to touch yes which is a web site primarily for gamers. But I guess is branching out yet. There's all these different things you can do you can watch people paint. He wants people I guess I was looking earlier today you can CM cross stitch. Any of his music and I'm thinking about making that a dirge d.s in 31 home thing. Or I go home and I'm mix and I can show it on a like a live streaming rights and I was looking for the web sites to. So all the kids know about which ranks all the unions in the millennial snow about clinch. And I'd heard of it but I didn't really know the name. Yes it was funny because our our age and even cities like you can detect how twit just like very cool million kids are there it's not worth government because he's seven. Older than we are but you're like today you're like wins column you could stand it that this should not step. It's just an athlete knows cults witness who had 'cause like I think we're the super old. We gotta be honest platform and we've got to the early branching out and doing stuff on it and you know any Kaymer never know does it. A wall and the health that I have a bad memory but yet it was I was like it's at twits it's switched switched the switch now. Think I've found and am now cool calm and I believe we got here in her to a challenge on. It's relying I don't know like twenty minute thought so if you want to follow us then until it dead yet if you're onto it she yeah others at the dinner do you want on twitch and and came mornings and I mourn the listening and will follow us. Just another thing we might start doing and and just for the just for fun. And I think MIT it's try to do some podcasts on there but the sister to be. And a Triad got to talk to their engineer records like The Who with the former engineer for Canada yet wedge out that's the 2000 sue the state Catholic country of Canada. Well he was playing so well is only Lake Ontario which is like you know what deadliest cities in Canada they then there was he was for the governments of Canada like Hough you re okay. They're 20. Yeah how old he was when he was running can't Carolina is 27 now he was he's the nerds nerds like the people that program computers when they hit a problem ago. All Isaak it's insane and he comes in that obviously Riordan whatever mess up and. Gonna help the saudis that he gonna help us learn to wedge in in a Megan's popular ever again but will give us some twitch follower I don't know how we even knew this but switchers be prepared next Friday we're going to be streaming something live. And we might or may not Sherry to phase out of out of now I don't know we do but the seas we're gonna start getting in Nevada neurons which is what which embarrass. Or. Probably the oldest people on Clinton's. They have down Liane there but if you would like to wind free cupcakes like image or did. You can now go sign up to be the office of the week it's terrible it's easy it's right there in KO IT dot com. All the Little League pitcher office information Intel assembly cupcake she would like for your office symbol maybe choose you bring come down. And give you all the cupcakes and their delightful from Q2 cupcakes. Formerly on now as a company and worse yet delicious best cupcakes honestly that we've ever had and we get some every time when. Well yeah we rent I have six can handling rules and were like three you're a little humble ending now they have Halloween decoration yeah anniversary so it it's they're getting very festive and I guess dignity stuff for Christmas from Alex and they were very cute seek. Lola and the academics are at its effort today is unbelievable headlines. Looks like corn pops is racists come on now on the I don't know how this happens I really don't there's marketing departments and things that should be weaning settle us Kellogg's. Recently released a new corn pops box heavy Everett corn pops. Yes I believe cell in the little trials sighs okay is only my mom's ever a lot of mileage of court one of my favorite cereals on the planet. It's you gotta get away in the gifts Blake's tuber sugar. Patrol car Bob's they have a picture of a cartoon corn pops characters. Hanging out at a mall now on their box okay all the characters. Column and there's like fifty characters. All of you all of them all of the characters are doing something at the mall they're all the same yellow. Corn color like okay corn pops and the yellow color debt except for one. There's one brown won just one they made all around he's the janitor at the mall. And if it's okay the devils advocate demos out of Canada. Is it just printed. That he's a little darker than the U other court man he's a little orange and yelling just maybe a little dark meat like when it went to the prince. Like it got you know can sometimes like there's like a smudge or some guy that's what I thought to. Now this big brown corn pops. So there's only maybe there's no way around it's so they're trying to be inclusive Angel yes and include different colored corn pops no religious included different color corn write that hastening what color color one corn pops. And he was the gender in the malls. I don't understand how this makes it past the the marketing department yet food I mean that they're like oh yet on opted to make this one brown is I can tell us aren't old corn pops yeah I tell us the OK and like not hires an Addie good agency to come in and like we needed to drum up some corn pops revenue. And they go we've got a brilliant idea like we're gonna give them all jobs laid a fantastic they go here's a bunch of different layouts of them doing jobs yeah well and then people well you don't look there's a brow and it's an instant. Inclusive it's incorporated. Diversity it's something everybody wants right now yeah and you just not to play. They're a little why is he cleaning up after the yellow corn. I gotta go through at least five people at least five people. They need to bring in a person off the streets yet like hey look at this seemed real easily learn and work for you and go what trouble the one brow and with this idea that we keep seeing this like the Dow added. Where it's like. Oh yeah how confident that it was a black woman and she took off her shirt is trying to sell in and there are a little white woman underneath it that needs continued yeah and she took off her shirt there was an Asian woman underneath that bill really don't ask so it's like it wasn't so bad. But Indy FaceBook pre ad it was like only the black in the went out it fits and it was like oh god like the lead while Don was trying to be very inclusive and just came off from the. I play he had to have someone that needn't look at it yet that's I'm sure everyone's gonna find something to be offended about everything of course let's there's some obvious glaring ones perhaps like this one. Me if there were. Several. Around corn pops and all of them doing different things and one of them happen to be Molly are once in the floor no one would've questioned it but the one brown well. I mean I don't even a floors I mean I I know on them at risk of offending somebody here but I don't understand why you have eight. One brown corn pot yeah I don't like you know Ralcorp pop at all. It hurt seem like corn popcorn softly yeah I didn't think corn pops and that they're all buddies they're all hang out together at the mall to sneak in Orange or the yellow colored. Chord pop. Yet maybe they got a complaint in the like the LeBron corn puffs and here. And to reflect to my coach Joe Brown corn pops and you know thankfully so I think they might have been trying to avoid that conversation and a vote and I'm actually. Win in the so much worse so they tweet it and biologists of their plan and updated them spoke with the. And now let's got 'cause money and he had to go back in and fix it exactly and all you had to do was have mere crystal Garrett. Like well that's what's the one broke when bush in the bill Mott exactly. If you would like 1000 dollars the last chance to do that is tomorrow 784 and five the thousand dollar workday Tesco. You've just got to listen get echoed Texan in India go with a thousand pounds is a pretty simple tomorrow no very less stay yes it's about time we've got. Megan. And Heidi. In studio for the American cancer society's making strides against breast cancer event that's happening this Saturday over at an ebony. Golden heart attack and it's 9 o'clock. That's when we start the rolling start and you can be there early and into all the pain it's now we bring this up. The main thing we wanted to talked about has nothing new breast cancer or cancer it's about coffee. Now causing cancer that. Laporte and it's important story of the day. Life sustaining a links are there is no way it causes can Christensen well. That's the thing is it doesn't cause cancer. Hasn't been proven not to. Cut cancer say nice and it's a problem you know it's in warning labels yet you'll see warning labels and sent Starbucks 7-Eleven it's the legislation that they've been trying to fight for many many years too much money's been involved. But experts believe that even copy is free that is that it's helpful for Rio in your health. But they can't definitively prove that it doesn't have harmful benefits but it's a vegetable greatly yes but I guess in coffee beans there's some. Very Trace chemical in it that is a carcinogenic. But they're saying that once the cop making process happens that it's not really evident in the actual coffee but they're saying since it's in the beanie. That they have to put out warnings signs that we talked about that this morning like at cervix and a few nights he warning like chemicals here cause cancer. But even experts believe like Nelly drinking coffee is not McGee can't. So Tennessee has now. Be warned that okay coffee is now dangerous thank you for the cure everything is dangerous yet baking gives you cancer yeah I'll think about it he's giving up bacon and a great school wants the abut. I've sent me anyway. Play and there's a lot and I gave in my seventies years ago as like you know but I'd just won McDonald's and i.'s commitment not a need to be 72 that's a beautiful thing at the. Already treating copies at this event cadets a little early but it's us at 9 o'clock most people are up by then but they've had a cup off Vietnam yet it's the American cancer society's making strides against breast breast cancer is different it's getting a lot of that which we expect the day. What it what it. Lake is there a race and we blocked gates to bring the kids what we did yes yes no yes I sent a path. Get out it is that you can bring to what was the and and work were puppy friendly to the and it's the only thing I'm glad his alcohol off Saturday. Morris tobacco or tobacco prime nab that would not a good Graham ran well there are people that are. Or I was content never seen. They incur the wrath of hi ED does that include. Tapes. Yes. You know I know the carcinogens and that but anyways getting back to making strides against breast cancer. It is. Incredibly inspirational motivational. And very very paint him we start at 9 AM registration begins an hour and a half before that. He can register online. Or you can register there in person. We are expecting a good at 101000 people there are speech is. Is and it's calm on the dance for the kids there's face painting. Ayers the heat get out tenant where you can come and catcher group line. Pink hair. Everything cool and see the event is sponsored by a calm the Oakland Athletics. And two we have a Chevy. Beat Sara thinks she can take yourself he wind and it. As cancer survivor it's my kids now it is my Christmas it's my Mother's Day it's mine. Biggest holiday of the year because it's a day when we celebrate those who've been impacted by breast cancer apps. And so. You wanna get there even earlier than that but the walking the red starts at nine yeah he's what time should people start getting I think get their start between 730 NA OK and in that you take part of all the events. Stuff and then there are still events afterward we've got entertainment. We've got to San Francisco boys' choir. They are noted. Award winning choir and they'll be performing. We have great speakers. And it's home. He can and one of those events that so that you get together and you celebrate those who are still fighting again and close to we've lost and the American Cancer Society has been fighting cancer for well over a hundred years and for me personally while I was out their living my life. They were getting ready to save my life. And they have created these remarkable events. Where we raise. We're expected to races I think 350000. Dollars and that finds critical patient services and it's. The stuff that I'm really interested in which is research and the American Cancer Society has funded 47 Nobel laureates. In the field of cancer research and I talked to some of the researchers. And the research they're doing would blow your mind it's. You know 11 doctor is doing research with fruit fly. And immunotherapy. There's there's just so much changing and remembers a child watching. And couple minutes on the show my mom was watching and it was Marcus Welby MD. And it's blackened my eight and the doctor says you have cancer total amount. Yeah there's some intense music and he says doctor how long do I have to live and it's months stays whatever but when caught early. The survival rate for breast cancer is between 97 and 90%. And the survival rate has gone up dramatically. Since 1989. And also breast cancer is doesn't have the statement. That used to have. Is sadly it's common now and that is it that's never I mean that's good he's good at so. Curable but it sevenths so common and had zero. But it's. It's because were catching Earl and the early stages of most cancers. Are the most treatable and there are some cancers that to you to discover until there their late stage breast cancer. Ladies get your mammograms yet have a doctor that knows you. And can tell you passionate film history granted the genetic component of breast cancer is only about 15%. So people like me who eat healthy exercise. No family history and then diagnosed with invasive breast cancer. Who knew but then you have organizations like the American Cancer Society. That I can get behind and support. Knowing. He got my Mac and they're doing cutting edge research that show that I need in the future. It'll be there for me yet interest. Because my mom had breast cancer and my mom's mother died of breast cancer and cell we had the genetic study done. And every one sheet she had it done and she was proven to not have that not these are bragging positive but it's like she had it so yes it's just it's crazy. Com Dell may get I want askew because. OK let's say I've been diagnosed with breast cancer what are some of the programs that you know the events like this kind of fun. That I can take advantage of I'm sure you guys are out communities talking about early detection. But is there something that I can take advantage of as somebody that was like recently diagnosed. Definitely sell. You know like you said there are still many people in our community that had been touched by any type of cancer and breast cancer specifically. Every one it's either themselves. Or you have a mother or an aunt or daughter. And so that education piece is extremely important to us. But we need to get diagnosed there are several places for you be able to turn within the American cancer since eighty. And night fever one it's huge kind of give to people is our 800 number all and so are 800 number is at 24 hour a day. Seven day a week. A phone line that people can calling get a live person on the line at any given time so that person is kind of they gatekeeper to a clearinghouse of information yeah if it's the middle of the night and do you have something that's just really tugging at your heart the key owing to your doctor's office opens up to be able to ask. You can call that 800 number and you can. Right at that moment you get that information. Flash you know I feel like I need that because. On it's interesting and I didn't and Heidi maybe you understand okay so I'm very at risk because my mother and her back and there's been. It's I've been so many doctors that have all different responses of like no you have to wait a year forty to get a dynamic I know you should be having them now. But you need special approval. Or there's people that say no no no we don't do the mammograms anymore you gotta go and have. A different kind of tax Stan. On is there any like governmental standards. Are that we can follow or is there a website that maybe we can go to work there's information on that kind of stuff that isn't great question I actually wrote a blog on how did you know because. The American cancer since AB. Came out we is revised guidelines. And its. When you look at the statistics. Women who are aged 39. It's I think it's 65 percents. Less like leave that they will be diagnosed with breast cancer. Whereas. Statistically. Ten years twenty years down the line. Goes up dramatically. Right so the American Cancer Society says. At age forty start having that discussion with your your clinician make sure you have a doctor that you trust and knows your family history. And the election now pay. I think you need to get an ultrasound and thinking need to get. Tomography taken it taken advantage of because there's 3-D imaging there's all kinds of different ways. That they can handle the screening. Technically at age 45. Most women should start having mammograms. I mean I. Do you believe wholeheartedly in the yet. I'm that. Small percentage that said ash I have no family history. I can wait and I had traditional. On imaging technology used and waited five years and it was invasive breast cancer by the time was diagnosed so. Don't miss those screenings. They're very important. And one thing that a lot of people don't now men get breast cancer to that yes cell one in eight women. One in 1000 men. Also get breast cancer. The drummer for the original drummer from the rock band kiss is a breast cancers and I am now how to mend it checked and men can get a mammogram at so I have I have a few friends that are gentlemen and to one of them Richard and I. Go up high schools. And we ask all these high school students what do you think we have in common. I'm 54 and a good day he sticks wine typical right big guy. And when we start talking about the fact that we both were diagnosed with breast cancer that he felt lomb. And he asked his wife what do you think this is. I don't know did you go to the gym yesterday. Went in got it checked and on his birthday. He was diagnosed. With breast cancer so he. Like me had a double mastectomy. We both went through the exact same treatment because. Men have breast to hand and their breast tissue can get breast cancer and more men will die of breast cancer because it's not detected Cilic at an advanced stage because. Omid do you I'm not going to get breast camera and it's it's not I worked out it's. It couldn't be any thing if you feel alone get a check. As the only guy in this room I'll agree that I am totally bad time now out of well and with me it's weird is. I I have to go to a doctor but I have like homeless. And so I've got like bombs of just fat. And so of their I have forty. And so when one pops up ago I have no idea that's elect homo or cancer. So I have to reject but I did you know we just moved here got to find a doctor Katz keep a guy I am radio namely some really good one there is video games the play I've got to podcasts and record it's just you know I get busy buddy view. If you have a love you should probably go check out. And cut and summit and we have the 1800 number that we can get more information indefinitely 800 number is 1800. Two to seven. 234523. And it's 24 hours days or one I had remember dry day I I think it's a great thing to have. Then in your phone ready to give to people when every you hear that they're going through something and it's not just for. Cancer patients themselves it's also for people to go in get more information and it's four. I am friends and family that needs support as well any such multifaceted. Telephone number I within our organization that can even. Match people to clinical trials are helped them get free rides to treatment or. Get in contact with their local office to be fitted for. Freeway eggs or or be put in touch with our look good feel good program. Are concerned that look and feel better programs so that. And they he and go to a class with a load cancer patients and learn how to deal with the changes in. Their appearance and how to make themselves feel better has its proven that. They've if they feel like they look. That are actually feel yeah ours it's true I lost my eyelashes. To and you don't really think about it until they're not there anymore again and with a look good feel better. They teach you how to apply meet up and how to cope with changing skin texture and okayed. The absence of hair and the Rio merchants a pair that's completely different texture and. Now none of that the phone number any of this information would be there without events. Like the one we're having on Saturday right. Correct and also the website and answered dot org is. Clearing house of incredible information. That is always my first. But yes that's funded by events like making strides against breast cancer San Francisco. So if you wanna contribute you wanna be a part of this Saturday is the day that it's happening. A game show up at 745730. To take part in the events its face painted. Makes if you didn't Wear pink or your hair wasn't paying. Like Chinese is yeah thank you become I would hear on there in pain I feel like we're going to be able to spot you among the BS. I still think yeah probably blow paint yeah so come on out did everything inked up. And you can walk you can run you can watch a dog you can roll you can do whatever you gotta do but come on contribute and you'll be there at worst that would. Let's go you are right it is say noncompetitive. Five K good but when you have a 101000 people. Moving through the street yeah it's a little bit slow but we do have carts running around and if someone isn't able to complete it. No worries yet we've got someone to pick Q how long is it. It is three point one something five K the ivy and yapping miles. But it's you don't notice it yeah because your they are celebrating with all your pink peeps that it's. Yeah it's gonna be in Helmand hollow a cat and so we're really looking for raid Q our 25 anniversary. Of this event this year. Iron counterparts over in the innovative Silicon Valley. And they're celebrating on the same day they have their walk the same time. I'm in it's their tenth anniversary so there's a lot for us to sell though he can't tended to simply Cisco one if you live closer Silicon Valley can go there. And come is there anybody that you wanna shout out at. On any sponsors of the programs or anything like fans yeah I we lead pinkie so might say I'm so I Peggy said earlier. Our event is presented by the Oakland Athletics in were really. I'm happy to have the partnership with and that we also have. I'm a media sponsorship with an. And for both of our patents and includes 102 point nine KBL acts. And Q1 02 point line and of course 96 point five KO YT plus. That's actually. That's impressive that she got all the all the numbers and names are a lot of people have filmed some people on honestly point some people whose noticing. South yet thank you everybody that it's going to be a part of it will be up there hosting its hopefully now missing the whole thing up. It is as you can tell I'm very professional and I don't prepare well so. Well we're gonna wrap this up with just a quick little deep debt question yet this won't be part of dirty diapers yeah Arpaio has little else on our podcast every day we tried it. Ass like a thought provoking question that something just kind of interesting makes too you know you have to think back and today's question is what did you wanna be new Childs. So nick we can start DM. A cat so that the I had two options as a kid and with Superman. Or on the radio over yet so chose to permit Joseph Lieberman in the ad. As they thought and they put the a mile radius like a ball at. Was that and I was gonna be a cop or com on the radio and I actually went to college to pursue like FBI announced that stuff halfway throws like. Mark and I got to DeVon radio so. And that and tablet back and you have the voice for help my Emerson radio so my first commercially and at six and so that's on the bug bit me. But like this is gonna this of them into the paint and now what about you. I actually was going to be professional dancer. And I it's studied dance from. Three entail okay man named an aunt aunt. And of course pink was my favorite color back Clemens. And I I was injured. And had to change directions. And it's kind of morphed into working in advertising and marketing. And during my cancer treatment I decided. I need to learn everything there is ten now about social media and I became a digital strategist. And the primary reason was because I found it would be a wonderful way to get the word out to those battling cancer and going through what I was going through so. Things more can evolve I can't imagine being a dancer doing some interpreted in that at a testicular cancer but. I found my patch lately to make it work you know let's let the OK so let's try it together at all. Hollow a Manila to deny them up on the stage we interpretive dance that's an. And I cannot wait to see that will be the ones wearing pink magnet of right wing right on the side. Is so I had a lot of different things that I wanted to be when Ankara. And I could never settle on something man. And then after high school and after we started having kids all the sudden he decided he really wanna be winners. And so and I went to school and then went again it's mine nursing victory and in the midst of diet aid. Landed a job as an event and fundraising professionals with a local. Hospital. And I were there for about ten years and that's kind of what brought. Me in to working in community development within the American Cancer Society so it's kind of exciting that I am able Hugh. Not only do kind of that fundraising and being out in the community but that I am able to do that. But really I have so much fun in the what I'm doing and I get to work with so many great volunteers and so many people in our community that. And I've never really looking yen might be helping more people now than you would've as a man. That's what I was Pennsylvania. She touches so many lives act absolutely. Well as a kid I wanted to be an astronaut but my mom told me that Iowa is not great at science ormat and it would be better at all of those and I like NAND. So I want to be an actress. So moment to performing arts high school and I had age in LA and I am auditioned for pilots and stupid things like that that definitely would go to an NBC in a you audition for stuff. But I as a way to at all. To be in. An actress on TV and stuff chasm like almost 60 yeah and all the guys are short. Don't let it be like put a bomb boxes but I'm so I changed my major in college from theater T radio TV and film at which point I thought I was going to be a film critic. But I was getting jobs and radio lake quickly after I started learning how and so I just went with kitten never looked back. So your dream is what you're saying was to be in radio the whole time and all the cult not. That they can I legs. Five years ago and it like this home midlife crisis republic denies. On the radio. That maybe this isn't my dream maybe this is my passion. And my mom's like christened like at seven years old you were calling radio stations and recording your voice when it would play back at. On the unlike I would per play radio and I'm like okay I'm in the job that I need to be in Kenya and why you're doing this here writers well well again I'm mag I get my creative outlets sometimes that weights you. I write books and stuff and you're not too tall for. I know that nobody is you know I am under the might so there isn't any does little to its offer her husband an Atlanta couple into this design and Allard he'll ask Miller allowed. You can read. Yeah at. I'll think yes solicit the buy gas think for some by episode 110 again said join us this Saturday. From eight will say let's say seven dates and noon. We're gonna be out of building to part Helmand hollow and you can sign up the day of see if you haven't signed the gates and a online now. Or you can come out and sign up today have to be part of this walk run race. Jogged slope paints on hello Ernie interest blunter. I cannot have some fun ransom music out there and milk and the good things happened. I think Utah Heidi and Megan for coming by and tell us all about it we appreciate it beat you thanks you have aggression they remember be excellent to each other party and its.