#112 Should We Join A Gym

Friday, November 10th

We have made some changes to our podcast! We are putting actual thought into each episode and trying our best to explore the topic each week. For a first new style of podcasting we talk to Joey Vee and Sarah Groton about our options when it comes to if we have to join a gym or not to be healthy. Enjoy! 


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Hello and welcome to episode number 112. Of the making Christen in the morning podcast it's been awhile since we've talked to use. Yeah we decided delegate switched things up here we're gonna do less frequent podcast but they're gonna be a structure and yeah hopefully a little more interesting. Not imitating not money yeah. That just may be interesting we have a couple of questions that we'd like to get answered and so we're gonna take the time. To have professionals. And threw them for us basically and the first one is. Should we join a gym why he thinks. I'm tail lights and Christen an important call again just. So this all started because I had my accident almost a year ago. And that severely limited Seattle amount of things that I can give us I am running more candy like jump rope or you know Sid. A lot of a robotics stuff anymore yeah and I still need to lose weight to help my injury heal a little bit more. And so the question is then you know should I just thought it diet and not do the GM. How or should we join a gym and just start really small at what are the benefits the pros and cons of balls. Yeah and there's other options to losing weight there's the fasting the binging the fills the dance like that. We ruled out pills down we're not doing anything extra yet there's no diet pills they haven't heard anything good about them and yet so we're not gonna do that but we have a couple of options. Do we eat better. Do we go at it hard core at the gym so what are we don't. Yeah I don't or do we know combination of both of them. So yeah I'm assuming most people are gonna say. Combination of both but with your leg restrictions and or the other so hopefully this answers a couple questions for you but we've got a couple of guests on yeah. We got gas. Professionals while they know what they're talking about I don't know there for a while one it was a refreshing yes villains knows what he's a so we're gonna get into whom what they think in how we should go about it we've got Joey V who's going to be telling us all of bouts. Phillips is fitness thing that has been crossed for instance in another name. And we've got Sarah groat in the that's gonna tell us all about how to change the mindset and how to live healthier in your mind first that'll help you kind of do everything. Answer the age old question I just eat better and not what did you yes because that's I think everybody is nobody that's not gonna help you because you're like me it's not so. Let's first talk to Joey V so our across a hall we have a station Q1 to enjoy V is the morning show host and he's very in shape the so it's it's like that's a saliva thanks for the it's like the opposite Mears for healing of like a dimension like you crossed again where we are right in their dimension where everyone's in shape. And sold jelly think he's a much for joining an absolute pleasure. Some guys every morning at 530 by the way I try do my show prep again I showed up and you guys are three things you need to know yeah great. You are in the cross it we centric as the post all the time and so what is cross that. Cross that is constantly very functional movement performed at a high intensity which basically means every day you go there's going to be something different. They incorporate strength they incorporate metabolic condition eat your party over the party was different from anything I've ever experienced in my life. Mo a lot of the work that's just very short work out some of them are five to ten minutes long but you are working so hard and it is so intense that it is worse than anything I could possibly a matinee idol runner and I'll right now and that's much easier than doing some of these like six and seven network us that they haven't crossed it. I'd line I wanted to know I saw here is like hey why yeah why I don't want to go today I. I didn't wanna go yesterday but when it's over with it's it's that feeling of accomplishment. I used to do this and why were normal hours before doing mornings like ray yeah you know I'd have to be at work like 830 so I was trying to come up with something recchi get it done in just an hour. And not have to worry about it for the rest of the day and yeah love the feeling of leading the Jim knowing that whatever happens today I just did that's and I don't you know love Eric could walk in my office is on schedule to music at the and that's with me I wouldn't worry about it because that was assists is just it is that bad wow crazy and now I see him. How did you start backtracking again just like coming in and across today in the downtown was decals like on that was a I was running into and stuff like that like I was like Dan met. But I wasn't really like I thought I was in shape until I figured out that I was really bad at everything I was so bad that you know that I sensed yet so like the whole idea cross that is you know if you do Bakken. Biceps one day and then you run the next. You're gonna beat you're gonna suck when you mix back and biceps with running and then you throw something else since across the has literally everything you've got gymnastics. You've got weightlifting he got power lifting Olympic lifting. It's to just a little bit of everything. Wow is there anyone that shouldn't you crossed that I mean I can really think about in the it's it's very beneficial as a lot of functional movements you know it's the therapeutic in many senses like you know squatting is something humans do naturally. Is the way you know a lot of the rest of the world sits instead of sitting on shares which screw up our backs on our posture everything yeah and they it it's it really is cut what they call scaled to use the athlete's ability level I'll tell somebody walks in there with absolutely and no history of fitness at all and it happens all the time laced actually coaches for a little while on the street over here from we are in San Francisco. You know there's plenty of people that are doing that there's also people that are really into it and you know and competes with no guts is every day and it is it is that you -- compete in the workouts but you can change the work on every you need to to fit wherever whenever you're in -- skill level is so much by myself when I'm doing across it like -- is it to the circuit training where you government like Stacey this nation's generally like a class settings so you walked in the first thing -- EC is you know all your friends because it's like he took sort of a communal environment if you go through these terrible worked out with someone else in the sport athlete you've shed blood together yes yes front and here's exactly yeah. It's all right shared trauma for real this and so you walk in and you can see what the work out of the day isn't sort of what's gonna happen -- to start with doing you know some back squat today at this percentage weight of your one rep Max a kind of will spend twenty minutes on that then you'll see the water the work out of the day and this is this is the big Kahuna here this is like via. The party you for the day a crash and so you know the total take you through warmup and you know you get started on your lifting coach generally you know will demonstrate how everything works. And then you know that she's here she will help you with whatever you know you're not doing quite right and I mean it's it's a constant thing and haven't unit for seven years I'm still getting correction every single day. Wow a cracked. OK so here's my question has the week the main question we need to know is like should we get into some sort of like work out like a cross that or something like that. I don't know if I physically can't condemning me. So I proclaim me over a year ago and I had like made of several surgeries to try to correct it and got pins and needles and it's blatantly personal and stuff and there so it's like. Is it. Eight can you come in and to be like hey I can't run. I Wright told but I don't I'm not allowed to run anymore I'm not on jump anymore or anything like that so will they tailor it just trio. Yet any competent coach will tell you don't do something that causes you any pain or discomfort is what we're looking for in fact it is extremely uncomfortable thing. I guess the pain is pain has always had things we we do you know stay away from that so it we there are people who have. Never run that I work out with on a regular basis they'll do something like rowing instead in the coach is already becoming a couple of modifications to whatever the movement is that day that will you know help you kind of work around your injury matter fact one of the first question somebody gases are there any injuries you know it what's how to tailor the work for you into saying. Seem to do that for seven years now. Talking to see what would you tell seven years ago itself. About now like is it worth it man but I would I would tell myself to calm down I was I got so into it so fast it really kind of took over my life look at what I would. I'd be my other job you know the desk job via scheduling music all day and I'd be just thinking about cross and all that be researching or click strip. Sometimes I would go at 6 in the morning sometimes we go at the end of the data that was at the end of the day that would literally spent all day like strategizing the work on Etsy with a workout was online at that time. I'll do with this winter with this will do with this my tomorrow's going to be this I was like Tom Brady heard about Tom Brady the group the quarterback and New England Patriots yes he's got his workouts and his meals planned like two years in advance I am saying I started getting that's silly and now I just realize that topic Tuesday is two too delicious and I haven't. Happy to have them now you always been like that is trusted use for any of the reason why did you like officially get indigo what you said that you were all I think actually the real reason was I saw what what's called the cross that game's on ESPN one time and I was watch in this and I thought to myself this is really stupid it's like people you know in an arena. Lifting weights as fast as they can and do in the stomach I'm lit test pilot an hour later I did to watch you know Mike Adams literally just spent an hour watching people exercise. How much I've got to go check this this they got the C with this is all about OK so yes or no should rejoining Comcast do it. That won't look back at some later but I hate it. That's gonna suck what's happening but what's okay with it it it feels it just feels so good and try to eat well I would check out you know I mean the eating does support what you're doing in the Jim Zorn and if you do fuel your body correctly. They across that to their big advocates of the paley a diet of that which tells which is he basically the exterior of the grocery store and I mean did that outside of it you Prodi section lets you go when the files you get into things that are products and not real food volatile. That's coming out in a process real idea fruits vegetables are no dairy involved in in highly. And that's outside. You know that's exterior elegantly bullets she's out I used to meet at a pace and that's part yeah that's the good part picked Atlanta in Iowa you sir we appreciate their. Against got a lot of energy he really that is the thing is the product and probably it's probably from all the working out and crossed with yeah don't you wanna have just as much energy and I. I think that you weird I'd look at him now weird because I don't want and they have to do that it sounds terrible. Line it's things that you and I both had to do it or neither of us can go oh yeah you listen have a ton of energy or I have a ton of energy it's gonna tell the whole balance and to laugh at our marriage joy and quickly do you think he can do it Kong down today that the if they admit to process Lee elder and now it's saying I don't know why I can jump straight into something like cross that although I think. That's what I would like to do. I'd like to be crossed the goal I think I was really inspired writes no he can't he was saying like hey even with leg injuries. They can modify some area and they can make it work for you when you're gonna burn a budget calories an hour CIA had to think about it the arrest that he and I see. The people on the videos and FaceBook and sort of the duel in the Bronx and there might only apple MMI and let's direct and genuinely looks fund is. Yeah it's Superman Leo I would love to get to that point it's just after watching video audio and yes. Listen to us that that's not gonna happen at any degree my allergy inhaler with a typical pretty much so. Is there another way. We've talked to Sarah to see if there is a different approach toward doing instead of have to worry about go to the gym. Or work out every day because that sounds hard. It does some are now all though this may be harder I like eating pasta and starches and and they say yes she's my favorites like GM. But we've got someone in to see if we can do a different way other than working out on losing weight and being fit and being healthy. Her name is Sarah gro group yes you got it nailed it clashes with a well space SF. And she's a nutrition and eating psychologist. Another senate Psycho psychology coach Gary important area not a links do not like. Nutrition and eating psychology coach. So little okay what says that psychology coach or an eating psychology coach what does that mean yeah I sell great question and IAE essentially they found out through working. With clients on their nutrition that looking at the food alone is not enough that. Often times you'll know what they stated and should not be eating that there Balkans is mental and emotional obstacles to making merry choices run tell us that you ask. Seriously can I am very nice lake that come for eater and it doesn't matter what to do what emotion it is I'm happy I wanna tell and really take I that I won it. And drown myself in K again like OT CI and I gitmo hasn't completely hate us Friday night you know my as a treat myself and sell I have I have to get over that bad enemy we could probably talk about that all day all I could talk I don't that. Is there any thing is it easier to just do that and this is psychologically mess yourself up and do the right thing as opposed to going to the gym every day. Well I would today instead of psychologically messing yourself not a now rather chaotic but yeah. And they know Kennedy opposite really you know what I don't put my client sign is just becoming paper aware of what those emotions are and what those spots are that are leading you to find the comfort. In sued because it really isn't about the food rates as you know it's not about. The key the key gives you that lake in media pleasure in your brain is searching for in those moments of sadness or celebration. And but it's really about cultivating not awareness to figure out what are those thoughts what are those emotions and how we start to shift and or me be settle incidents so they're not as scary say you don't need fitness compare at. Usually some sort of emotional problem that goes along with a different like main lining cake like Christian. I would say yeah. Yeah. You know the problem is a scary weird issue is a scary where my client community thinking that they have. A problem that they need to be fixed but I like to steer really eyes. You know what is the food trying to tell you where is it trying to help you grow as a person and you know when you are LE. Because eating or emotionally eating it's usually a sign that there's something that isn't being fulfilled in something else thing in your life and so it's worth exploring not rather than just China. Forced through with will power NC noted the key. Do you ever see that it's just I really like cheese than ever just and it is not the really like CNET. Yes absolutely I guess I really like she's TU I really like chocolate I really like client and it's great we're supposed to find pleasure from food rates it is supposed to be a pleasurable thing I miss it that's wired into us first serve at all. Done however it's the over pleasure it and sell weak kind of work on finding the right amount of pleasure from food and then finding other sources of pleasure and if so can you be healthy just by your eating and not that it be active things great question and sell. You can be healthy I guess from solely from a week's purse back in and by IH really believe that health is very holistic Ammann sell I think that it does require. Moving your body in some way everyday I exercise can be a scary words I like to some games stay away from exercise of the Jimmer can it. Putting into those boxes. Rather I encourage my clients to find ways to move. Every day I'm in ways that are fun for that. Yeah. Which doesn't necessarily mean going to the gym but for some people act can be good motivate. What are some other options of people that you work with that didn't go to the gym is there. I don't know is there a sin on the counseling video game isn't like Julie. Moving dot I. In my mind yet. Gay I mean EG I Israelis need your body I like to think of the world as nights him personally east especially when the weather's really nice living in San Francisco well I mean finding and lake. Good hills and grade steps alliance steps are slamming favorite asset. Even just walking up those things a few times you're hitting some beautiful views you get to look at a Al has you're moving your body feeling fresh air. But also working out from home is totally a possibility here if you can find some good did that and work out videos and chest. I think the important thing is starting really small and saying he I'm simply just going to do this for a fifteen minutes spray again had the hardest part is getting your closing your shoe is on an idea police say just do it for fifteen minutes that's all I have to deal. I've intends you get NA and you're in the moment you start feeling good friend and I did it for thirty but just committing to fifteen for example of the earth so we have a plan of actions you may be possibly joining jam and go to a spin class. Four times a week I think that's what we're on the line was yeah our we've being overly ambitious are we gonna burnout week whining go OK we're never going back to this what's the plan that we should pass Friday. Well I would turn around and ask you though to think that you guys are being over and it says yes. Oh we going to do this we don't go yes today's today everything's gonna change from now on this is our moment yeah and day one were like man we killed it dates humor like. Oh man I'm still sore from day one like me let's Hertz may sit there day just to like let my muscles built yet and by day three we're like OK I ever doing this again what the Dickens at Minnesota early and then you do I think he beat his and you feel disappointed Ayers on gas rang evenly trickle. The U guys are falling into deet. All or nothing perfectionist yes track what does your love of my clients are in in that lake if I don't do a 100% if I'm not perfect my diet I don't go to spitting Ford transit of the time a feeling here and then when you who don't do that you feel like a failure and then you really want Kate great yeah him and says that I've already failed and I'm well I'm okay. Exactly to fill what I would recommend is you know there and this is something that I I work more in depth on with my complaints but is finding that balance with your goals and setting goals for yourself you know holding yourself accountable. Pushing yourself to grow old in a more realistic way says taking. One step at a time one day at a time and saying. Tomorrow. We're gonna go to spinning and we're gonna put it on the calendar and got and then we'll check back in and just starting really small or starting with that fifteen minutes. The goal of working out Holman and gradually moving up. Nick is gyms are expensive and if we don't want to wait we're now getting our money's worth so should should we start. Make sure we work out at least at home or something and then Adam link progress into a jam or just jump in the gym. Well you know let app brings up are really great claim about why I think gyms are at can be a positive staying in terms of holding yourself accountable because you're paying for it right yeah every time you're paying for some things here like I gagged I gotta get my money's worth out of that cell. The you know putting in night and investment in money and saying okay I'm and it paid for the jammed for. You know X amount of months maybe three months six months. And I'm gonna start small doing once a week is better than nothing but maybe the goal overtime is and at getting up to you. That place for you feel like you're really getting your money's worth every single month concluded saying it's okay this is an investment and myself this is an investment. When was the last time you were not in shape when he was not a cent Hilton head I always say how are unhealthy for like another president doesn't really understand what's happening with the people and so far mandates so so are you so far removed from my chubby me. Add to Italy nice guy is so I'm really lucky that I grew up thank you mom my mom was very health focused acre up with sort of not state of mind however let me tell you guys I am not perfect at all. My friends we'll tell you that my boyfriend will tell you that if I am days where I'm like no I just I don't wanna do they don't wanna exercise they don't go right idea. And so I definitely not perfect but I have practiced cultivating those strategies to. To really know myself and understand myself and say okay act today I really need a rest day and I'm just gonna allow myself to not be perfect and that's okay. And then there are other days or say actually. This is going to make me feel a lot better. But it just takes a lot of time to get that pulley yeah where MEU have enough deep debt in your mind you haven't if proofing your mind that something will make you feel better otherwise our brains are just wired to keep doing the comfortable being that once he can prove overtime that. It's better. I sit to push yourself than to be comfortable. Into yeah well Sarah it's been such a pleasure having you on a where we find out more about you where if somebody wants to be one of your clients took me. And ire I ensure that our website will be may be posted at settling and ask him that comment yes absolutely but it's well space at SAS dot com and I Ayman nutrition and eating psychology coach. The great thing about Los spaces that worry into creative practice swing is therapists and links coaches as well. Sell for those clients to maybe realize that it really isn't about the food and it really isn't about the exercise in their deeper issues going on and we've got a full team an amazing women issues for you there. Doesn't has ever loving you so much sir we appreciate him absolutely think you guys. OK I think that this model from Sarah is something that I'm going to tax you on my arm and the fact that it's not about the cheek. Yeah it's about the K great I mean how are now only take cake he's gonna take is dead but it can also eat cake to celebrate when I'm feeling sad yeah. But is there an emotional connection your bearing with dictate who you know what else it's one of those things are and if I eight went to her as a client. I'm sure I would uncovers some stuff I think that I don't want uncover yeah what have they they never want to lose out like I'm the shot it down deep in my soul with indicate that they need be thin branches in you know emotionally vulnerable it is wonderful to know that there's coaches like this there's so if you're dealing with emotional sides. Defeated pretty and it's like I am pretty much like we all are yeah there's people out there that are trained at that can help BO. It does make me wonder if there is something I'm writing her in like become that big suppressing yeah I don't think it I'm that too bad. You're not honestly another guy I barely I barely had just like really and food and I don't. I don't do what we think that's the main thing. I even have gone to war AM I'm not. I still kind of look what Musharraf too bad yeah. You think the track yeah then your problem is. Is that you grew up in a Mexican households yeah where there is tortillas and Sheen and everywhere they don't need everywhere. So it's like when you sit down EU have these kind of fatty meals yet. And agro blue you know with a little less money in Seoul when you beats you finish everything on the plate right and I think that's been my big thing gap is that I have to I have to eat everything. Here is snapped her because we said in front of the TV a lot and so there's that kind of lighten. When you're watching commercials play ago I can it go for a snack or something yeah even though you're not really hungry you're your thigh. In terms of the emotional stuff you need work out. Yet exactly can they don't gain or lose weight and let's I go on a diet and rightly or not constantly gay anyway I'm staying Moran so I've balanced. Outs and not doing anything enough to where you eat cheeseburgers Sylvia. I now though we want to get to a place so we are eating healthy and you're working out and then Europe and you've plateaued at that plane yet and I do. I think it would feel better I think at the end of this after talking to Joey and obstruction of Sarah I think she mum. I'm kind of excited to go to a gym and start doing something physically. I feel like I miss it. Well so that's how we begin this pod cast member with the question should we join a gym. As a nick fury answer is that you should judge Jack. Now I think the answer should be for now I'll think we should join a gym it in the future. I think we can I think what we need to do now is give being under control. And start to work out at home. And I think we can do some things twice a week three times a week. And Holman chosen work semi committed to working out and then we can dampen up and then eventually join a gym sounds like cop out. No I'm sorry I don't wanna win Monet wasn't telling me you're saying we have to prove herself that will go to the jam yeah you know that that's not gonna happen so you don't want to waste the money on the gym. And CS fail yeah you're trying to prevent us from fail and I'm William has not even trying. Now I I think that group if if I can't work at home I'm not a we're gonna budget. That's no that's not the case that's not options you path so that nothing because and we got nothing we don't have any gym equipment and Jim if we found ourselves in a jam we worked out. What it would probably kinder sells it at home we're gonna work out a candidate if its walk of the two and a half blocks it is to the gym that we're thinking about joining here in the city to just a couple times a week that the ad that we would end up in the gym we're not gonna go well I got here and I don't feel like working out and. Only if the problem is is to have blocks away are we gonna walk there to death that's the question when we get done little work are we in relation. Wireless at the gym. If we have our stuff princess he parents if we don't it obviously if we have to go home to get changed yeah we're not going out that's. That's definitely a bit. We have we all we're not going to but that doesn't mean we can't work. I say we'd get to gym membership. We start small. Don't you know we talked about with Sarah like the good little spin every seat in my head and pretty angry at the and it like. Why don't we did join a gym and make it the goal to go once a week Telus spin class. And then after two weeks old good it to spin classes a week parent after two weeks so that maybe we'll go to three spin classes a week and point let's just see how we feel it do wanna add more spin into our lives. And and and if we say yes then we get at a fourth one but and that's Mellon. The teams they always the money. To put it may seem. I'm times I'm paying that hundred dollars or go to the gym five time not months Wilfred this contest I know and start small I know we might go seven times in the next month we make good ninety so Jim. It's dropping cake. Well I mean I senator William chin and now we go to the gym we have to eliminate. Food the opera I mean okay cell where we're starting small the gym so let's start small and are eating too you only eat cake once a week. I can did as Jim wants a weak neck came to the same day. But that's that's the thing that's a good day that at the brink not think I I didn't use your exceptionally thin. Ought to be a neutral again I had so the question to should we join the gym. Yes yes I answer yes or join a gym but we're not getting cross fits. And starts slow reacts. Look out Jim Smith who played well here we come with the death. Next week on the podcasts we're gonna tell you about our Sonoma truth in all the amazing things you can do there and talk to hopefully a couple of cool people. That maybe sit down wanna Chela that's about things. That be cool now would call have a rarity day remember be excellent to each other in part yes he's back.