#113 How Is Sonoma?

Friday, November 17th

We asked the question this week, How is Sonoma doing? We took a trip up there and talked to Bill over at Deerfield Winery as well as some of our visiting neighbors from the north about their experiences. We wanted to find out how Sonoma is recovering after the fires. 


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Welcome that was so number 113. And thinkers in in the more. Podcasts another special edition this time the question is housed Sonoma. 96 point five tail lights is what you can Christen in the morning like. Seoul last weekend we went to Sonoma valley. To kind of checking out seeing how it's doing and stay overnight in hotels you walk down. And just kind of check on on everything. Yes you know it's interesting is who we here in the city just believed Napa and Sonoma over completely decimated by the wildfire yeah. And that's not necessarily the case as we learned by going up there. Yes Sonoma the visitors authority or whatever asked us to come out and you know check it out take pictures and tell the world. What what it's like and it's not anything like Leo the auto. Yeah I yeah actually driving up weeks some scorched areas you know we now have. There was some devastation on some of the house's but in the downtown area almost nothing was touched. Yeah and the one the winery went to you can see. Where the fire was but it wasn't there and it didn't attack them yet exactly and and so it has an epic consider the one thing that has affected the city though. Is that everyone thinks of Sonoma sesame. Right and you know we see this after any kind is natural disaster. Terrorism attack something like that people are scared to go to the place. Where something bad happen death but the problem is what they need more than any thing is free to go inexperience at because that's the lifeblood of that community. So what we're up there with two Deerfield winery in that some wine tasting and and we stayed. At the gates house which was the hotel you fellow comic asked the class a talent Patterson at mass like it's a lie I was the hotels on main thing. Well it was it was gorgeous it was all Japanese steamed he walked in the Big Three with the keys that you can just take any time you line those are necessarily Japanese begin began a dozen that they had socket tasting at night that we weren't there they had a wine tasting. On instinct was to celebrate the fact that they were reopened to cast their first. Our than the night that we are there was the first night that they were open yeah the first customers. I'm so they brought in a line read we needed tasting with us that she's pairing with that is well I'll complimentary yeah and then the room was even sustain only gorgeous. We're walking down to our room and on the right it's just like all bamboo curry and his own and then you get to the backing you open up. And the first thing he sees the bathroom. Well yes because it's right there and it's this concrete. That stretches up to that happens I am so with the other set I didn't get to the Gigabeat the dual shower heads you know eat it. Spray any which way you want it or you can spray with a PartnerRe to add that to our markets but isn't her sinks in come to that overlooked our price that zen garden. Dad added that I'd never seen that before there was like a little zen garden in the middle of the though broom. The real gap is almost completely windows yeah you look out into this little nature area and your your station your crossed off against from other people yet so what you're not staring at them as they're staring at you. Honestly there's a backyard a private backyard had a little creek running through it beautiful trees. You could hear the running water there was a fireplace and around at the turn a minus which would now something we have to I got to there's a free psyche and mode she waiting for us when they locked and I mean absolutely the most stunning time. So thank you to be gates' house for having us out there if you ever get its chance. To stay in town we recommend. That it was a it was a really cool it's a cool looking hotel itself and looks like. Almost bed and breakfast I very much so yes but it's it's really cool live free refusals of that so we can't say enough good things about the gates' house. On the winning check in there until after we went to Deerfield winery where we got our wine taste. We did that we've never been to Sonoma we never did any wine tasting in the hole we drove up there it was recommended that we went up and we talked to bill. About the winery a little bit and learned a little bit about that and we also you know the question is how Sonoma so we wanted to find out from him. Some stories may be as behind the scenes and also what the whole experience was like so this is bill the tasting room manager Ed Deerfield winery. So we are standing on the crush pad that Deerfield wrench why very. Deerfield this family owned Robert and PJ Rex. Or the couple who found that 34 years ago. Robert's been making lying for 44 years in the valley. Graduate of UC Berkeley degree in chemistry. Very proficient as a shelf and this cooking background really. Is in indicated in his style of wine that he produces. We are certified organic which means no pesticides herbicides graves that we use. We also make a clean line. Not that it looks clear when you look at it in the glass full and let it is low salt fights locust remains. Hampshire Crowley have. Friends family acquaintances who can't drink wine to get instant headaches I'm allergic to sulphide so. I get flushed look like it cooked lobster and then left and right that the and PJ roberts' wife co-founder of the winery she is allergic to everything. So little in the way she can drink wine if Robert makes a claim which he's been doing pretty much from the get go. We get around that by. Triple sorting our grapes at harvest time. We remove all believe stands all the bad grade solved a thing we don't want to go into the fermentation. All we're looking forward to clean juicy LTY great. Now. And it sounds like Ian he's he has such a passion for this on him and his wife so. Talk just a little bit up the fires does he live here on the property or. Where is she worried about this. Yeah Robert he's at virtually from Iowa commercial farming family. So of these. This we'll salt of the earth type guy. They live on the backside they hill this didn't just basically maybe. April mile walk. They stayed Robert and his wife PGA their houses up there and winery was here. They felt that if they left they would lose that they stayed they would save it. Fortunately the fire is actually. Did not get close to us but we were encircled by the fires. But Robert stayed in and he actually became known as the road warrior. And then he would drive up and down on the highway twelve fairness Deerfield picked up. He would ferry people. Back to their property go down to the to the barricades were the police were not allowing people to come and pick up supplies. Bring workers and bring people back. He would answer people would call them because he knew it was still here. Contact in the say it's our place still there in the center is tough so yeah heat they stayed. You can see. Across the way home. All of frightening that must have been dubious of. On the ball as hot as can be standing here and seen all lad in flames but a real tribute to the to the fire. Cal fire in the local firefighters the first responders they were. Really able to keep them away from a lot homes when they had the resources in place yeah obviously the very beginning. They are the role of local. Responders were pretty much overwhelmed. Yeah Robert and TJ stayed. Site Robert broaden the big generator. Because we lost power and had a lot of juice in the fermentation. The fermentation jus needs to be cooled. No with no power you can't do that so robber was able to talk somebody into letting in big. We're in a big generator and so he was able to power up or cooling unit. To keep the wind cool. I'm very affects any of the wind coming out from this here. Don't really think so fortunately 90% of the harvest was completed. For us. So we still has some grapes out there that we protect cabernet. Partial Roth did some martial law was still left out there what Robert did was he washed the grapes. With citric acid basically to remove the ash from the grapes. We won't really won't know about smoke taint until after the fermentation is done there's. Some type of a small fuel or something that. This is taxed to the grapes yeah you. It's mask during fermentation so as not to fermentation is done what we know that three. Smoke tape is there but. Robert doesn't think so he thinks they should be okay. We'll go into or wind cave the white cave we open at 2008. It is. 23000 square feet. Presently has probably about 3000 barrels inside. The reason for the cave was four temperature control. But it's yeah its multi purpose now only for storing the line but. We use it for private events wedding receptions private dinners small concerts. Multi purpose. So you see any. Problems since tires on its own business. But yes the main fires were devastating to. The wind industry in this area ball won't happen slowly pulled October is typically our busiest month sales lines. And we've lost obviously passive. Probably two thirds of October revenues. People just canceled their vacations or trips. Hotels does get the restaurants as did our tasting room definitely got hit. We couldn't take orders over the phone or. Or through our website because everything was down all the power and I champions. All the web sites so it was pretty devastating for. For the month of October things are beginning to pick up the no bull Napa and Sonoma. As the chamber of commerce or visitors bureaus have done a good job of saying hey. You really want to help us out. You don't send us food diapers they'll come visit and spend the dollars that we are beginning to see a lot of that. People come in and say hey we just came. From Ohio we just came out to give you support which is really nice to see. So we are beginning to see a rebound. That even though hotels I mean I went out and let them know we were open to the concierge system. They get work we have a lot of guess work full leather sole recovery workers PG. Cast AT&T. EPA FEMA workers they weren't here to buyer why and they were here to to help feel fortunate to. You lost property so. But now it seems to be coming back but it's gonna take a little bit in the areas still. And it was devastating and people are still trying to you know basically. Figure out. How are going to mom and millions Lotto like this. Just a lot of shock yeah. That is just beginning to hit people now. What would you say TD first responders that came out fired helped battling. Ali. You know what you have testicle off to them in day. And I and that's the original first responders you know the can with the fire department Glenallen. Hill cal fire and others. They were just overwhelmed me they did that fire was moving faster than they could drive had a really was there were trying to get to a point. They have little fire addicted to set up to try to keep them from progressing. And they just couldn't do it was helped us in this area was where the figures the vineyards actually acted like fire breaks. There's a lot of moisture in the minds so they Powell. Citing edges of the vineyard might not send us that the venues themselves to go up flames so. Did lie to prevent. You know my hat's off of that is the first first responders because. It had to be just overwhelmed me this the fire is moving so quickly because of them I win this is. Jumping hopscotching. And when I've had driven around. It's amazing you know you know you have. Yellow blob that's untouched and then right next it was fully. Haven't stated this is kind of the way the wind blew the answers and solutions council listening now that. Imagine Sonoma this down in the city where we are we just imagine Sonoma is devastated there's nothing left so what would you tell someone in San Francisco. About Sonoma that's thinking about coming up here. Well we're definitely alive and well us all the wineries are pretty much backed open. Very few wineries were totally wiped out. Couple and now club paradise region's Santa Rosa but they still have to tasting room and kenwood so the paradise ridge label is still alive. You know that's what people have to understand we are. Open you were ready for business. Was certainly an inconvenience and devastating. You know as Robert said you know he's a farmer. And you were resilient so all of the earth we will go on so they you can't. The cave that we were in was really cool he gives a whole story about why they made became insulate that and if you go like you walk in. In these go down only see your barrels and then you go back of the room and you sit on the couch isn't. Trial the different lines it was a really nice winery and we're happy that we get do that thank you to bail. Yeah you know it's interesting is when you talk about going wine tasting. If you choose to go somewhere at the deer trail winery is really awesome because you'd get that. Send no my nap I experienced by asking all the barrels and being inside of the cave it's a political experience and something to take people to you. Yeah and the pictures we took the you can see it KO IT dot com are of are from Deerfield when you can see like with two picks is the hills and the beautiful view out there come. And it was just a really cool experience we have to do in fact we were the only ones there. No we actually it makes friends with Thompson neighbors to the north that that on our Canadian friends actually we saw this group of women getting in talking and they look like. They're having a blast some big smiles on the faces. And we thought you know what we should get to know them and and ask them what brought them to Sonoma and in that they had a really interesting story. Or you where you guys from Swiss friend thank you Air Canada will go well yeah. Any other coverage of and so what brings you Islam. Well we're actually travel club went putting away a little bit of cash every month for a number of years we'll see how many. Upgraded its destiny and I don't mind and press San Francisco on our list read concerns. Through this winery where the beauty she might not happen. Yes we've heard. We're very concerned about the I vacation but also concerned about the situation here. What did you think when you came into town she think this looks like it's. It's affected but it's not nearly as bad news is that. Absolutely yeah no I hit quite impressive how the wind wineries have. Mean from what we've learned had not been as affected as well I imagine myself personally. On that dealers somewhat by the resistance against its look and flirt. On of course is in a lot of other devastation to the area that is news drove by an area than that because Seattle's Virginia Reyes earthquakes. We've been here when daily ten on wind term and it's been amazing everything. Winery in the event has been so hospitable we had this amazing reception here. Just totally enjoyed today. It was a where the savings on line didn't. He has company I love forty they. Do you see that's. Everybody's name and so it was a present JoAnne you've done about Sean up Diane Clinton and welcome to its outwardly looked to America yeah. There are really cool and I'm glad they sent to started such a weird thing to go to some of like hey can I talked to a randomly and record everything you say they're sets its course yet so thank you for doing that. The dead the main point that we're getting from from going to snow more we have such an agreed time and we took pictures afterwards and drove around and there are definitely areas that word in destroyed. And you can see the elected the pain out there. But the most important thing to remember is that there's still a lot of wineries out there and hotels and restaurants that are depending on tourists. Yeah and we you know we started this podcast to answer a question and the question being. On how is Sonoma doing. Is it okay is it Enos did survive that kind of thing and I would say that yes Sonoma is doing well but it could be better yet and the way that he could be better is if you go out and you visit. Exactly the land there's some land that was affected that's not doing well but they're getting all the help they need. And the part that's are really hurting is notorious so. Yes and it you know it's it's worth going up there even maybe just for lunch or dinner or something like that because. We noticed something around town that just kind of touched our hearts and took about pictures people made signs the best responders and they're kind of decorated throughout town like you can see ones that Ehrlich made by children in four business days and it's like Sonoma strong with hearts everywhere like thank you to the first responders. I mean they're signs everywhere and that's just on the CT. As for it was trickling down on all I don't know what it is about science and museum and you're like man and it feels good. Yes it feels like the community came together and I mean those first responders were amazing so we thank them as well. Yet and there it is only for environments lap I was we've done like we say we never been and we drove by journalists make this type of the Sonoma this is like. We were there quicker than we got to San Jose. I like so best to get there. It's about 45 minutes north of the golden gate bridge and a we are they're so fast it really is this we hear yeah the so we have that Taylor swift's album to sync working against that company on her out of there so veer out of town and you think in the. Maybe I'll cancel that trip don't. We need to become the Sonoma. It's therefore is waiting for it come have fun and enjoy the exclusive I guess don't forget to like subscribe. Download tell your friend Sharon FaceBook. And don't forget we are given only cupcakes. Every week we try to get people in to take cupcakes here office so few here in the Bay Area go sign up. To be the office of the week would get pizza cookies we've teamed up with that we wanna did you hooked up with for the day. Have a great to see today remember be excellent to each other and hardy on its.