2nd Harvest Stuff A Bus

Sunday, November 12th

Sue Hall speaks with Leslie Bacho CEO of the Second Harvest Food Bank of San Mateo and Santa Clara counites about the "Stuff A Bus" holiday food drive Nov. 18th at The Shops At Tanforan Also how they are partnering with the Redwood Empire Food Bank to help North Bay fire victims. 


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Good morning I'm sue Howell and this is today's world you can listen to this show and others. At today's world SF dot com. So our guest this morning for the next fifteen minutes is Leslie buck Joshi is the CEO of second harvest food bank. In yes and a Clarence Emma Taylor county area welcome thank you and let's talk about we work come after the holidays. I and I know that's a ref. Time of season but year round you provide it so very much for the needs that folks and those two counties talk about the second harvest food bank and it is about. She Obama's people don't realize the scale of the services meet provides it last year we. Distributed 669. Pounds feet which is now for 55 million meals we serve over a quarter million people in it. Two counties combined 89 out and it is our kids and now. 57000. Seniors. That's the breath of that is that is to enormous and that unfortunately we need is even greater one in four residents to ease. Is at risk of hunger. So you don't think of starting people in Silicon Valley acted he'd he'd be uneven. It's just such a high profile expensive area and that's what we call the silicon Alley paired accidents people don't realize because you had. So much wealth. In the valley and fortunately for many you're outside the tech industry. Wages to stage rather stagnant. And as we on the housing costs continue to skyrocket for most of the people that we serve. Many of working they just aren't earning NAFTA be able to you paid rent. Pay their medical bills and still have enough money for it. So who are some of your partners I see Dixie you have more than 300 nonprofit agencies and 900 sites throughout San Clarence Emma Taylor counties that's right say when you think of that nature and food providers and seeing Clarence imitated counties. We partner with anyone who is providing students part of their services but we also partner with schools because. We do you have he he say don't they give hundred silicon Alley that we actually have. A lot of schools where. That asked Jerry if the kids are eligible for free or reduced price and mean it esteem is in need our services. And we provide read entries. School. So I was yes that we were talking a couple of months back about the mobile food track that's right to that something during the summer when school is out. And there aren't as many on and kids don't have access to the school meals that they. For example breakfast and lunch that it provides schools we try to supplement for that by having them often attracts high. I'm having more sites that are providing meals for this constraints and all of this costs money. That's kind of a that's right and we are fortunate to be. I'm an accounting units generous and this time of year it just during this holiday season. We need to raise over sixteen million dollars to be able to provide the services we provide that's a big number so how are we gonna do that. Well. I'm throughout the holiday season and we will be running lots of student fund drives. And again it's really important time when all of us think about. Doing something special on how we can get actor community and sent we're in need of financial donations for your need a few donations and we you're in need of volunteers. And you have a website where people can go to that's right that website is SH SB as in second harvest feet or. We also have a dinner hotline 86623436. Expiry. We are talking with Leslie botch it she's the CEO of second harvest food bank in the big heat need year round. You are new to this job that's right this is week to you we know how well welcome. And what did you do before you are CEO of second harvest. I list he the chief operating officer at this impetus Cameron feet. And fortunate in the Bay Area to have a really strong network a few things that it. Where together and says second harvest the bank is if you think I have long admired and and worked with many years Olivia enormity of at all is quite staggering. It is again we here and scenario that way and there's a lot of well. But there it is unfortunately a lot of need and one thing that's somewhat unique about Silicon Valley is that. They need is more hidden than it is in the city we have tremendous pockets that need. That you could easily live in the county and not CNET heyday. And like I said many of them that participants in programs. They are working there and seniors via texting counts your families the might not expect to see entry where you physically located. We have we have T sites and and Wednesday in him once I think our and we have volunteers. But at the same car analysts and this and if and speaking of need I see that your partnering with the redwood damn empire food bank. For the fire relief victims yes and that's their partner feet and that's and see cameras. And as you might imagine and they've had tremendous need and sent Iberia Phoenix and working together to provide. But food and stuck to help them meet me. And once again volunteers. Greatly needed yes that's absolutely right for all food banks we really relied. On volunteers. To be able to handle. The incredible amount of donations. At the second harvest. Last year we had enough volunteer hours. With the Cleveland 160. Additional fulltime staff if you can imagine because most of them priorities that we receive an over half of and B distributes fresh eyes that is comes to us. Giant and its needs to be sorted and and collagen and reap not stigma tourist sites. We house and get lots of feet my feet and that needs to be inspected and sorted. Scenario we had him. I vote volunteered for the marine food bank and it's it's really lovely get a wonderful camaraderie of people and the acting I noticed was the amount of what what is waste to other people is not really waste it's perfectly good food. That you know it hasn't expired in its fresh as you said but. It comes from grocery stores I mean you think about that I ate greens that are you know what almost got it doesn't get spotlight or the premise that doesn't get by and so that's what happens it goes to the food banks. And it's a staggering amount. That's right that's right read you part with a lot agree tree story as you say to again and kept product. Before it expired it's still fine to concede that it's just close enough that they're going to need to pay. Yeah and so think about that and I know that they have and little stores within the food banks so people can come in and shop there is that correct that's what the marine has its like the discounted. That not just not just donate it. Individuals actually coming and they are nonprofit agencies can come and select few from the food banks that might be what you're thinking and that's the most of them for a messy banks it's out of our distribution sites for individuals are coming to receive food and all of it is free to the individual. Went in this kind of unique its second harvest is that we are able to. Match individuals up with sites where they can volunteered actually help distribute the food which is really movie. Just yesterday I had a chance to get to the cathedral of faith which is a great partner we have. In San Jose they're serving I believe it's over 15100 people every month at. Distributions they do twice a week and just yesterday they had fifty volunteers on site. Hoping Ted bag this is helping it by accident preparing. And then individuals driving to their cards individuals walking at and T had a chance to get one of these sites that you wouldn't expect is it. It is it has a feeling such an upbeat divide you have lots of people really may keen. Special connections helping one another it's of just a lot of positive energy. And once again hours regular Leisle botch and she's the CEO second harvest food bank one of the largest food banks ever I think in the nation correct that we are one of the lightest in its hand at their website if you can donate or if you need assistance. Is SH SB dot org. And there is a donor hotline at 8662343663. GAD get that restaurants and and that that nature providing you arm or more than B grocery chains more into the grocery chain dismissed as a food that we accept is not prepared fees but it's seated and individuals can take active parent and action. Now we have a big event coming up on the ace eighteen is eight and 7 November which is. Well after you hear this show it will be at coming up on Saturday next Saturday. So I let's talk about that. Stuff about us right says that's a great way for people to get involved to bring down the detonation that's a great campaign press that raises the funds and fees. That we can use during the holidays and it is at the shops at tampering and that's right and it's all day Saturday the eighteenth and our colleagues from Matt radio stations sister stations that he'll white tee will be there. And we're inviting that community become down and bring it can't or nonperishable food item. And stuff to literally stuff a Sam trans bust into a lot of food that it out I think that his attitude that he knew at this critical time president. They need is there year around the holidays are particularly. Challenging time for the individuals and families we serve because you might imagine all of this the night that decent mean. A little extra during the holidays and that's providing it special meal for our families there. Presents for family and friends you can imagine if you Simon he's really struggling to make ends meet with the holidays can be just really tough time via via. So once again elect we cannot emphasize enough the web sites app for donations and for volunteers. SH FB dot org and again the donor hotline is 8662343663. Let's talk about some of your am your partners you mentioned the church and you mentioned that there's like three while the off to talk about because like this there's like 300. I'm but damn have yet I know you're two weeks on the job have you had a chance to to check out any of those places like on the Spartan regimen today is at the cathedral a fade actually. Be it whenever brown bag sites later this afternoon so we did serve a lot of seniors many. Seniors in Silicon Valley you're living on fixed income and you can imagine it being such an expensive community. It's hard to really age well and plays and to be able to still access to nutritious food. So we serve a lot of seniors there are brown bag program that's and so they that's all coming from second harvest as well that's right and they contact you for that need. Or we might reach out to that I'm site about opening a brown bag because we know. Again we know that we still are not preteen every when he needs or services. And that's when things that I love about I'm being in the valley is there's so much innovation and we're really trying to attack. Internet to think about new ways to reach people we are not Ricci for example we just started Antonin. Food pharmacies. But Semitic clinics in the count me. Again knowing that many of that people we serve are higher risk for. For diabetes. And other on health related diseases and snow. We're partnering with these clinics and when they identify someone who's willing can. That's at risk of diabetes we can help provide more nutritious food to those individuals and families. You mentioned the brown bag what did typically comes in the brown. So do you typically expect to see. Pro teen that's a critical item for the people we serve it's expensive items that typically expect to see eighties it chick and and or exit that site on citizens staple items like rice and beans. And then fresh priorities we're really fortunate to be here in California where there is an abundance of fresh praise. And because we have partnerships with Packers and brewers in the central valley. We're able to acquire prays for just pennies on the down. At this time a year you might see produce lake. You'll probably Ollie seat staples like potato is onions scary SP you might expect to see some winners crime spy she might expect to see. Since celery at the side it was yesterday they had two beautiful pears and apples so that's kind of we try it. That's as fully distributions. So I need the eighteenth if you're coming down to UN tampering and and stuffing a Sam trans us what to kind of items can people bring for that well again protein items are greats of green things like canned tuna eaten all her. Peanut butter and meat peanut butter is agreed I am. Always looking for a healthy items so elusive audience suits are stooges are good items we also I'm do serve quite a few. Homeless individuals and so if you have popped up some things that are easy ten to open and I'm conceit and that would be great. And specific antigen nations looking. And so it's all day Saturday you can go to the website KO YT dot com and I'm sure you have information on your website as well about stuff about us. So it SH FB dot board. And you also have I've just seen here at the food connection hotline Monday through Friday eight to five staff staff members. Speaking English Vietnamese Chinese Cantonese and Mandarin and tech blogs so you really got it all covered there that's right in the recent survey very diverse communities to retry to have lapses English capability. At our sites in Austin matter excellent so the donor hotline 8662343663. We are just about to wrap up we've got about another minute leftists who we wanted to step mentioned once again the stuff Abbas tampering and yes please command to just today the app bring any the items at lastly just mentioned and dad bring your family bring your friends. To some shocking and that make it holiday event for the family thank you will. Really appreciate the opportunity to talk with thank you it's Leisle much as CEO of second harvest food bank my name is sue all of this is today's world. And you can always hear this show and others at today's world SF dot com Pashos. Plus if you have a show idea. You can never reached out to meet personally at Su at K Il YT dot com. Or also at today's world ass half dot com with that show ideas if he ran a nonprofit or you're having a fund raiser. Or benefit and the holidays are upon us so there's a lot of that going on. Still KO IT dot com thank you offer listening thank you Leisle thank you and that happy holidays at least he.