Bark & Whine Ball

Tuesday, November 14th

The 20th Annual Bark & Whine Ball is happening this Thursday. November 16th from 6:30-10pm at the San Francisco Design Center Galleria located at 101 Henry Adams St in San Francisco. Dine & Dance with your dog while raising funds for the first responders, military veterans & 4-legged friends. Buy tickets at 


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Coming up this Thursday it's the bark and wind ball it's the twentieth. Annual bald they've had over here in all benefits locally pets. So we have as season and hilly here that are going to be talked just a little bit about the event so Susan you're the co chair of the the ball how how many years have you been a part of this. Well this is my first year low anchor and on my dear friend was the president and down. Saturday lost her unexpected piece of that we are really. Gonna make this special for her room in honor of her. And I've had a lot of experience you know sculpture of of of these kind of monuments to our veterans and two dogs so. Judy brought me on to be part of this and I love the organizations who's truly honored to be part. And paley is this your first year being a part of this it is Soledad. It's a huge honor to be a part of it you know were right alongside some of that best area nonprofits and local nonprofits it's. It's really exciting yes attack just a little bit about your nonprofit like what's the name and Woody Hayes do you would you serve. And the founder of rocket dog rescue we've been around since 2001 and we're. Completely funded with donations you know where. Volunteer run. We have over a hundred Foster homes ever sanctuary in east Oakland and it's it's a lot you know it's all volunteer it's amazing. And you guys really kicked into gear for the north bay fires we did the minute that the minute we actually heard the fires. Had become such an urgent. In a state of emergency we rented a cargo van and just packed apple supplies for that of that evacuation centers. You know Russia today area dropped off all of the supplies and then packed up the car with all of the animals that were in the shelters and brought it back down we did not actually. About seven times over a few days the panel back and forest. And that. Community was just the outpouring of support from the community was never seen you know again it's it's insane yet. Let's Susan the Barkin why involved this is going to be our first year with it tell us a little bit about what it is. Why you have a ball why we care and lay why do we do we care about dogs. We ideally hair on our web like what what are we did see when we go oh. Hey yeah it's going to be absolutely fabulous this is something that once you go to you want to go to again. Its first fall EU have few contrasts appeared to on bring your dog until then here's out session it is black tie optional. It's a lot of fun. We gonna have some amazing auction items both quiet and silent. We're gonna have a very interesting program ever gonna have to heroes American heroes. Trevor marriage Shaq. Who is saying retired navy seal and his German shepherd talked shopper though and of IU BI consume one know probably that. And he chopper is now a certain fights the third therapy John Kerry for Trevor for his PT EST and he'll be there is a special guests take. Pictures with you. And speak. And dancing fabulous food so I'll get Louisiana subordinate the other fabulous fabulous music dancing. And greet pictures for great memories is Sparky gonna jest I. I'd like to print an MVP of little things right yeah. Award get that you make to Hilton really need. This makes Sparky worked the room. My bill and let you know we're the group's work okay I'll end up really you you have dogs I do any good when your dog's name Thelonious Monk. A trombone shorty. Motown super fly and Calamity Jane it's gonna that they are so yeah it is it personality based. OK I'll live up al-Qaeda currently an announcement. They get it becoming to the Barkin and all row all by hopes that I would like to bring Thelonious Monk that he's a bit of he's a hound dogs I don't know about having him around everybody's food well. I guess we have like you know. I don't know that's a good idea so other than the rocket dog rescue whose bark and wind benefiting this year. This year we also have the US war dogs association Oca and the association. Does so many things but. And support and veterans around the country that locally funds will go to the veterans dogs in knee infection or any other care. And what they also do is they do adoptions take take. The adopt military. Dogs into great homes after they've served. So to really ties him a lot here's and then we have save a planning. And save a bunny is another amazing. Group. They really have saved 5000. Bunnies. And sure death. And through the years in and these people you know they work really often out of their homes and yeah just totally dedicated and you just have no idea it's very inspiring. And and says sabre bunny. Again it's all volunteer group Marcy Berman is the founder of and they go like blood just like purely to as they go to the that the kind of difficult situations that other. Places other people rather would not go to and they take the hardest cases. Yeah definitely I was asked I wanted to jump in and yet they are violent and is I have to tell you when you're thinking about it but you rest your your thinking that daylight. Little soft ladies at sit around by his all the these people are no GO yeah. Their life did jump then you know they take out hardest cases are like super rock star but he's sabres took the. Now mom you'll meet a guy you never think of that and yeah like I had never heard of a bunny rescue. I've said I've heard of people that color rescue animals and maybe bunnies are part about the specifically units where you're saying is that they can actually made wonderful pants and when their adopted come out and so it's really proven to be very successful. Now paley EU how did you get into rocket sounds like how did you decide to late start this and what was the passion behind it you know that you like I have to do this life. You know I thought I had. I've had bad. Kind of a rough path in my life I was raised almost honesty I'm almost you know homeless ever since I was a baby and I you know. Along that path I found that that the greatest Georgia the only source of nurturing that I had the only kind of like actually. Plays right felt really like. Peaceful place that I was you know with the junkyard dogs are with a little stray kittens or hurt we'll pigeons are trying to nurse along the way right. And you know edition of vaulted over a verb my whole life and what when I realized when I started volunteering for another rescue group and I realized I my eyes straight start became open to. How many animals are flooding into the shelters how many animals don't make it out you know it's just heartbreaking the amount of animals that live and and die without ever being known and given a chance and I just can't can't stand for that I and I became. You know I've devoted my life to helping these animals. And if so how does it feel to be. I'm honored for that I mean it's it's gonna feel great but here you're probably not doing it for any recognition. Oh yeah note but it does feel amazing actually it's so great you're in a catalog every day just doing your ear every day. Rescue work and you know you get this call that you're being honored at an event like this is it was really. Wonderful sources and how do you choose. Is it three every year that are benefited are not necessarily. And so we you know we try to do we try to use certain you know rotate and and and we will be doing other. Programs during the year that are smaller well cast so people can also contact us about that of course. To buy tickets and of course yes he's just have best thing you can do repeat two days away and it would be especially wonderful this year with all the fires in the book he suffered either that or make donations at took care class so I thought I understand that there reason that they actually Collison side. The reason that they called us and it was that they chose Easter nonprofits is because he's at a three known first responders and an emergency situations like our rescue is quite often. The one to jump in as first responders for Coca hoarding neglect abuse you know that. Though word got association and at the same body will also jump and so Uga because of the recent fires were called and the other was a big is that turned out to be agreed. Focuses speciality. Absolutely so recently a case so it's Thursday what time to what time a case Thursday 630 to ten. Then at the San Francisco gallery designs tanner on and at one and one Henry Adams street in San Francisco. And you can buy tickets or make donations on our website. Which is cloth CL EW. As path. Don't work OK and do we bring our pets with a tribute can I just to mop and town and don't worry we have dog walker. And we had a piece you can yes I feel safe about that and enjoy. And then it's somebody's interested in rocket dogs and they can't make it to the ball and and wanna support organization Kennedy. Well they can go to our website which is rocket Todd rescued dot org. They can text me directly and come and volunteer with sounded out numbers while 157568188. And that's crazy but it's you know now on all Tehran today we up pop up adoption events throughout the weekend three every weekend so. If you find yourself having a free Monet you know and are like every afternoon he wanted to and then just jumping and we need the volunteers great. It's a great thing to be a part of in waltzes and and daily think he gets so much for coming in the Barkin why involve the twentieth annual ball. If you've never been this is the time to go Thursday 630 to ten and you can get to get ticked claw SF dot org or you can just. Donate whatever you can if you damage to the ball. The yum five dollars ten dollars wherever it is it all goes to benefit all these great organizations think he has so much for coming and thanks and had a house asks.