Hanging With Haley Reinhart

Friday, October 27th

Haley Reinhart dropped by the KOIT studios today to talk about all the cool things she has going on. Not only is she performing tonight Great American Music Hall in San Francisco but she also has a new album out called Whats That Sound. Plus she is on a very popular Netflix cartoon! She is keeping busy and she took the time to chat with us today. 


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It's that secrecy and and we are here to talked with Haley Reinhart you know her from American Idol season ten the one that should one. Over Scotty mccreery went well not Canada it or Elena. Also not good actually and I leveler but at least in one elect angst in Hawaii. You've got to performance tonight end of this is very exciting because he got a new album coming out see you with all the new covers. What's your favorite one off the out on that it would are. Yeah and what's that sound and step plan collection of some of the green his sixties icon in pop tunes and it's it's out there now probably. On Anderson I mean that I love but lately just performing lies tennis isn't on his. A crowd favorite and think Simon zombies actually hit me up and says you're. I can't agree check out this rendition. I was need to in the Anna Nicole call now. Do you like to get do you like that format does it feels like you seeing that so well that do you feel kind of did that's where you have to stay more. I feel like I have done. Taken many steps to get to this point Wrangler like I have I've always imagined my third album to literally be. All live instrumentation. To tape. And the minor league this is many goals of mine have just come to fruition at this plant also. Because they grew up and my parents and and it's beautiful like you and him doing this but my entire. They've been working together in the same man over forty years so they've done all the sixties and a a bullet bunch of different genres but. You know that that music is in the soundtrack of my childhood and growing up so now. I am intensely guitar on this record and I'm on to sing background moguls and she's making linked the total Stanley affair in just. And in giving back to them from you know it taught me. Now you know it's interesting because I ND YE. Connect with you so well and the music side because I feel like I was born on the wrong decade and I kind of feel like keyword select the 6070. Kind of vibe is like her up with a parent group with that and how do you feel about music today do you do you think that it's evolving to a good place would you like to see it go back. Some more like instruments and and like that lives sounds. I think I'd like to see me that at the mainstream. Around the world become a lot more organic and kind of go back in time but then again like it's it's it's a hard. You know bone to pick because he looked back at those times and there was a lot of more. Global gum or not is yeah they weren't necessarily playing Jimi Hendrix. That other radeon and rain so it's like it's an interesting thing I think about but at the same rate. So many different outlets now and streaming in on that day has so when I just his hand things that I might. It's really neat because I'm finding so many groups like in the in the vein of like. KG elephant or something that is here now so I'm happy it is I think that there's a new lane. Coming Becker on Iraq Enron and cool organics. And I think although the music that people find now is call on YouTube and and that's how they discover that I think you're losing your video today for it was creep. Yeah correspondent Jim bucks forty something million views. Like it's just yeah I think hazy and he never know what's gonna like pop off you know and some of those things like creed then can't help falling in love. I they've just been really pleasant surprises I mean yeah income for being. Age of female musician in this industry in others and a lot of talk recently like a lot of entertainers are coming out. Think that they dealt like a lot of sexism or anything like that what's been your experience in the music industry. T think that maybe roles are changing and winning or women are becoming more empowered when it comes to music party think that we have a ways to go. Most probably a lot of both and and that's another reason why I love. Putting out this album because I feel like it's. There's so many things that are relevant from that time to now including you know women's rights of people seeking to what they believe then and I'm Sherri you know. Like everybody including myself we've we've been and we been in these moments were like. You're really gonna talk to answer them. You lady back but it's lake and that that gives me fuel my fire over the years and just like being on on a judge panel on American analysts just. Those kind of things are either an enemy Q. Bitter and and wanna quit or are stronger and on and continue for the long. While you're in it for the long haul because not only are you singing and you're eager acting too you're doing good servers are the Netflix and it's. I'll about it yak so this is mind voice over debut hour on season three and a district and link. And Netflix original series animated series and I play a young boy young still bury the comedienne. And Justin lungs my brother and night out large earns my mom I mean this whole cast is just star studded and I. And we've become friends at this point you know with so many of these people MOCON instrument TV and and there's just it's it's a really fun thing to be a part of it's hard to kind of can't work but. You know we we get to your table reads together. As you say. A lot of the first season we were all in ruins there now it has really be recording SN. Sometimes you know even if an owner with a couple of people and we dairy Berrian. I'll come on I'll realize that older according asked that they do you wanna pick up on our body language and are nuances. That kind of you know inner swine. With the character. I wish it and I crap like you know really inspired and loving like. You know the sand mine and as much as I love Mike. Cashing in these things and me and I also. And b.s kind of tomboy inning went to the boys it's really fun sits in a little bowling. And. That's exactly yet. I don't know whether they responded that yeah. You know having independence. I know that that was somebody brings it shows that I had no leader now episode. It at its hit shows like your greens as an artist you know I think it though we'll look at me on stage in new app it. And then like sexy legs strong sung many can go play a young little boy it like any I think it awesome like you can do anything in it so it. Firing have you learned anything about men do about the young teenage boys as you TI don't have a long time the girl you know that's. It was rough of this ambulance and so. Year there's so cure and there's so you know innocent and I love the simplicity of a young you know you know that the young boys and just being around guys in general sometimes it can be. Very simple and yet into what you're surrounded. I've points right again in your band ARA ranked SE how to crash course sponsors like I had ever but I have always kind of been like you guys girls and I and always had a lot of guy best friends so it works out for me just fine and I actually just decided to college. You know handing Ryan Parent and the boys because that's just when he usually tends to. So where you performing tonight this it tonight is great American music call I've been there. In the last June and down. Having to come back it's one of my favorite venues I think it's just really classic and beautiful and down. This is our finger fits show now and it's it's really going to be good times and against. Come on now. Which one bring down the house what song is the one that everyone that it. We'll move there's. I mean creep usually gets people excited. And there's some other originals in mind that that I really can't. People pumps and bring love back almonds wanna thank it to share and do a duet with some of the other employees and it's just really hyped sounds the there's a collection of good a collection of sixties there originals and down couple other covers that. I had done pretty pretty okay. Now it's the album out now Arkin when the weather is we get it yeah it's February you can go to any rent dot com since. Check out the tour dates and by the album and it's streaming it's even physical flown by knowing we. Really Aaron Edmonton Enrico yeah. Well thank you so much it's a Haley Reinhart you're that a six point five KO IT Kosier got bigger problem and he summit and you guys.