Santa Tim

Sunday, November 5th

Sue Hall speaks with Santa Tim (Oxford) about his charity in Sonoma County. A great resource for #NorthBayFire victims


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Good morning I'm sue hall and this is today's world you can listen to this show and other S at today's world SF dot com. And today for the next fifteen minutes we are speaking with Tim Oxford Tim. Is from Sid sent him an organization that you started welcome to the show. Thank you seized. For having us here today and talk about what we do in a Sonoma County. Yeah I met says I met him at Montgomery village I was up their doing public appearance and Santa Tim was in full force taking donations. And I got to talking with him and say I sit com Mon beyond today's world you've you're doing amazing things so let's. First of all it's mentioned Santa Tim I know we're coming up on the holiday is the Santa Tim is year round not just at the holidays that's rates in and do you have taken on this am and why let Al give us a little history elect tele use. Speak all right all right thanks soon. Yes the program has been around we celebrated. 25 years last year so we're coming up on 26. We got started. Cashman years ago one of our first. Centered programs is at the golden coin hotel Mendocino avenue. Christmas Eve. He's had taken 66 Cadillac fully gifts to a hotel. And that's where we can get started the end. It's because it's continued to grow since then. I basically over the years Houston just in my friends up for money. Clinton and was very very happy to get two or 3000 dollars thinking we can do a lot with this. And then been blessed most recently the last four years we became a 501 C three suit. Which is really pushed this general level where we can now. Of of course bring more money into the program which simply means. More for us to give to the community and it's been wonderful who are some of the organizations that you are working with. While in Sonoma County soon leave we work with them that large a tremendous amount organizations. The living room which is. Women and children's shelter and they are very. Well known in our community. Women's. Catholic sheltered. Family circle of Sonoma count me river a coast children's services. Food for thought which is out in force bill. Which actually serves are HIV positive community. And it's an incredible organization formerly honor to be a part of that we we provide a lot of food and service for the program. The Windsor for reliance on and green acres boys home green acres boys home. They currently have 33 boys from six and nineteen years old and five homes out in Sevastopol. And I can basically say that. These young men never had an opportunity. And there are their. Problems really didn't show up until they got into the school systems and green acres homes is an amazing program we've been working with them. Actually for over thirty years. The children. Reaching curious taken over both of his parents passed. And the kids. Basically stepped in their shoes and have continued this program. Reach for these young men it's amazing. So. How did you get started in this I mean he you of you have a another job on top of this this is at a very Philanthropic things that you do. Are you Santa Tim I know that organization is year round but. Are you Santa Tim 24/7. Well I would say we are we're were world and all the time you can come into our web site and contact us we have an area where. We actually would like people to come in and let us know what we can do to help you. In relationship to what we do so it could be. Examples Sonoma County health maternal care. Their need for something simple as diapers all year round they're very expensive. We provide food all year round when when asked. And we reach out to individual families over and above the organizations and we work with all year round so. And to attempt dot org it is is the website how many volunteers do you have with you while. I've an incredible board of great people and I think it's also important to say. There is no pay positions here everybody including myself we do from our heart and we know we're making a difference out there so. I'm a 100% of our money stay. And are used correctly and sit throughout Sonoma county and down we're really proud to be able to say that. How do how would one to donate his. You have fund raisers are you doing this year round can can we get to have people to open there hearts and wallets for you. Absolutely. You know since they can come into the web site which is Sandra Tim got to work. Others that they can donate online. Physical addresses available if you'd like to send a check or simply call if you call me and if there's some. Items or something that. You think we. You know well serve our. People in the community. Were more than happy to contact you. What did they may I give your phone number on your card here hazards there's are different number you know I know absolutely nothing you can read this and where by the way I'm sue hauler where today's world and we're talking with Tim Oxford. Who has been Santa TM for 25 years he said in Santa Tim. Is a giving organization year round and I know allow a lot of folks coming up on the holidays so the Thanksgiving and Christmas and all of that debt. They really feel I need to to give to the community but this is all year round so you just mentioned diapers here's a here's the phone number 707. 4844463. 7074844463. Diapers. Food donations I'm sure mom monetary of course what other kinds of things. It sounds like you're in Hawaii that realm of. Well we are sue. Most recently we. We've delivered two and a half handfuls of school supplies. To our local schools we know so often our teachers. Are teachers are on the front line and I know so many teachers in our area in in I'm sure in the Bay Area too and they donate out of their own pocket for school supplies and heard for their kids. Making a difference. With a generous donation from our local Wal-Mart. We're able to reach out and delivered supplies to them over a dozen schools throughout Sonoma County. I think I read on your website at this past year there have been 18100. At different dead children or or or donations that you've done over this past year. Yeah last year sue. It. Personally saw over 18100 kids. And that's just again you said during the holidays and that's that's what we do in the holiday. Time and in the spirit of the Christmas but. Again we all know. The need doesn't stop at the holidays. It's it's that time of the year that we all wanted to reach out and do something special. But the need is there all year round and that's why our organization is happy to say that. Or basically a 24/7. Program where we're here to help. And you know you asked. Soon about what other things we can do this year. We're coming up on Thanksgiving. We just recently purchased a hundred turkeys. And I would say who knows better about hungry children in the cafeteria ladies and those turkeys will be donated to specific families. Who we know who they know are hungry. And we also donate to three churches who. Provide free. Thanksgiving dinners at these particular case locations. Throughout the Holiday Inn of course locally in Sonoma County. We also donate to the redwood gospel mission. So if you're listening to this program and it's the middle of summer because we wanna get this word out all year round. The world that's why you're hearing it because this is a 24/7 program. Stanton Tim dot org. And it ends. The sounds like you needed donations as well as if you're listening out there and you are willing to donate if you work foray Wal-Mart are work first. The somewhere of Toys 'R' Us or something it food camper bank. You can reach out to because we need your services as well if you got something to to help west. News said diapers. Turkey's food. Money what other sorts of school supplies. Mum and clothing clothing one of the things we do in. Regarding Sonoma County health and maternal care. Now these are nurses. That go out directly into homes over 800 homes. And I'm aware of and Sonoma County. And we provide clothing and educational toys for them. Along with the diapers all year around these are nurses who are trying to make contact with either. Obviously blowing commend him poverty stricken families. But even more so beyond that a lot of these families have physical and mental this is little children. And so these educational toys and gifts. Some of the testimonials we've received over the years suit. Release date that these these items actually allow the nurses to make a connection. With these families to get into the homes to be able to provide the care that these children do need. You were talking me about some of them special stories and children that you've been working with over the years Christian was one of them the GS story. Oh gosh Christian Christian as he only survivor of a fiery car accident he lost his whole family. Was pulled out he was five years old. Christians had well over seventeen surgeries cease. Missing an arm and a leg. And obviously the fire has done some damage to him physically. But not mentally he is a strong young man he battles every day. But his spirit is amazing and I've been privileged and honored to be a part of watching him grow up and down. To be invited to his graduation of middle school was just heart warming. We are talking with Tim Oxford. Tim started an organization that 25 years ago known as Santa at tam. And Santa Tim is a year round organization you just heard some just heart warming stories about these children. And the needs in the many organizations in Sonoma County that you are working where if I Santa Tim dot org is the website and a year round looking for volunteers I'm sure donations. As you mentioned diapers school supplies clothing. If you can provide any of those things and money. I reach out to Tim at at Santa Tim dot org. Or few yeah few need to know an assist if you need assistance. Santa Tim is here what an what an amazing. And an amazing thing make you do out of the kindness of your heart. Well so I appreciate the opportunity to share what we do your own radio. Here in the Bay Area and I'm. You know. One of the things I always like to talk about briefly is that. You know I think all of us have a passion and our hearts and this just happens to be mind. And I feel very blessed to be able to reach out to the community. And that's done through through the support of people who believe in what we do but I also encourage people who is. Follow through with your passion don't think about it act on it. Whether it's clean and a creek helping the elderly get out there and make a difference in your own community. Santa at him dot org 365. Days a year. Do you have an office location aware house are you working out of your garage had a how does that work for you. Well I live in Windsor in. As a building contractor or do have a shop and I would've done is. Created a mezzanine area in its pretty much designated the NC an attempt programs so. Warrior are able to store things we collect throughout the year especially clothing and toys. And down. That has allowed us to to bring in items into two story in again to pass out throughout the year. When the other things soon you know we've talked about this time of the year we've already had a couple big storms and we've got more coming. We've actually starting dinner regular rainfall. Just requested by Sheryl who's the director of the living room on the way down here. Simple needs. Hmmm I've been asked to get ponchos and tarps. Flashlights. This last year was the first year I was asked by Sheryl. To actually if you could provide tents. A lot of the families don't have. Sleeping accommodations. Their resources in the David at night when they're in the parks during camp sites and if there's no housing available. Sometimes these tents provide any actual home for an entire family. Santa Tim dot org if you could help on any of the items we've just mentioned and many give their Tim may give your phone number again at 707. 4844463. We have unfortunately ran out of time you are an amazing with what she do thank you from the bottom of my heart. We have fans at will be airing this show throughout the year two wood to give your organization. Plenty of exposure this is today's world I'm sue Holland if you wanna hear this show by the way this show lives 24/7. On that today's world SF dot com. If you wanna hear a past show or you have show ideas please again visit us at today's world SF dot com. Tim Oxford thank you so much and we'll see the rest of you next week didn't think he said.