Trust In Education

Sunday, November 12th

Budd MacKenzie, Founder of Trust In Education came in to talk about his organization Trust in Education, a grass-roots organization, providing educational, economic and health care assistance to villages in Afghanistan. By informing and enlisting Americans to become directly involved in the reconstruction of Afghanistan Trust In Education serves as a tie between Afghan villages and American communities, and appeal to hearts and minds in both.

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Both. Welcome notice in the Bay Area I can host my name's Kerry that they have been against in the studio by the name of but MacKenzie. He's the founder of trust in education good morning to you good morning tell me all about trust and education in the next fifteen minutes from right now specifically. Tim what I need to know to gives going. Trust and education is a nonprofit organization is of people of people organization. I don't have any employees now and it's all done by volunteers have been providing aid to Afghanistan for fourteen years now. And were responsible for two schools. Three bridges for wells. One point five million meals have been delivered in to the refugee camps and Koppel lots of basically were a number of people hundreds. Who are concerned about the people on Afghanistan and obviously do the obvious question for me anyways how does that mean. Person named bud MacKenzie said component Afghanistan automobile owner yeah how best. It all began I've written a book by the way is Cole off the couch and into the war for hearts and minds who can't. And at all literally started on the couch when I read an article on Parade Magazine about Greg mortenson. There was a caption that said he fights terror with books. Are opened up or read about him I gave McCall. After an hours worth of due diligence I said vehemence and how much money do you need to build another school and Afghanistan. He said 25000. Dollars. Basically I say go pick and other violence. I live in mafia we spent a million dollars and fixing up Little League feel right so I called my neighbors and friends and I said to him we're gonna raise 25000 dollars to build a school Afghanistan. Six months later we have raised around 60000 dollars and sentinel. Then what happened to reach areas are and I made the mistake of becoming informed. Internet myriad can learn about US involvement in Afghanistan. And 2005. I went mine saw the school it was clearly saw the people who saw the conditions that lived. Those proved to be life altering events for that it was a sense that time I've spent 7% of my time working on helping the people in Afghanistan. Got a bench in 98 or 99% of the people and it's United States America had no idea. What it's like to be in a war torn country. Now can you describe anything and all that can help us I think that you saw twenty times okay. And it's very difficult to go there quite frankly I read it it's uplifting because for doing an incredible amount of work over to cryptically in education. But it's very depressing. The speech see people who basically. Have not had peace in their country since my LB nineteen. 89 and so they're going on 3738. Years now nothing but war inside their country. And can you mentioned just in to sit by and hear your living Lapierre I live on an east bay. We just wanna go to a movie. Right all of a sudden. Bombs complying down these things and Dan and Bryan is just right is akin to mention. Just like known there what I can realize and I learned is. Afghanistan as the fifth poorest country in the world. It has the highest infant mortality rate in the world. These are things that I didn't know. And I certainly didn't know before going over there when self and so when you're in Lapierre in these citing tell your neighbors and friends and only one raises money. How hard was it to convince people to help you out. It's interesting because of the title off the Coutts and into the war for hearts and minds. Beginning of the test which parkers and and the war for hearts and minds. Basically in Afghanistan it's about rights protect your rights for women. In the United States the challenges. Getting people off counts. Be willing to do something about the conditions of other people out because the only difference between them and us. Is where we were born to. So you build a school. What grades. Actually they built the school they built a school setting a school its second schools we raise money Ford they built and we didn't die until labor. Take about two and yet. Years it was a girl school for girls we provided the money for the materials but his grades you know one through. Twelfth and have teachers and everything written yes or that one they were actually is teaching girls inside homes inside very small rooms. And so once the school is up. Then the government provided the teachers and provided the operating costs for the school the first time you went over their due to take some year volunteers mopping it with him. No. I had several people who have asked to come. And by the time we get around me going. Their family and friends are spouses or significant others have convinced them optical and prayed that prayer pray and yet so. Mary. I'm now okay until we mirrored when before we got to give her and I was within two years ago divorces them there as to how do you mean. Again how do you begin to get to Afghanistan and shrieking and just. Welcome to the southwest NC the connect neo weird more and it's now has a direct flight between here and divide. At sixteen hours in the air yet that's what the movers right. India plane is about three and a half hours flight to get the time. It takes two days it's what happens when you don't complains high. It hasn't time a year during the winters it's brutally coal but in effect during the winters unfortunately. In the refugee camps some of the children. Don't make it through tonight because they don't have the heat. How many school to be built so for help build a 22. And with a with a goal and you know in my. Know what we're doing now is we're actually providing what I call computer libraries. And their libraries and have computers in them. And Connick enemy I don't know if you know about that telephone that's an organization in the Bay Area whose vision is to teach the world. By providing educational videos online for free. The problem is there an English. And there are a lot of Afghans have access to the Internet. So over a period of two and a half years we translated 1000 math videos. In two dory. And we're now working and polished due buddy in their language and what we have done is we just download them on these computers. So kids can come into the library. And they can study on their own time it's their own speed and they are not limited by the education of the teachers. We have eight of them now I was outside talking with somebody about establishing and ninth. And we have over 600 kids use them today. Hey thank you dissed when party gave us this is listen to Bay Area on who's carried of them against gays but McKinsey. He's the founder of trust and education there's a grassroots organization providing educational economic and health care assistance to villages in Afghanistan. But again I can't go back floppy it's a beautiful place. You just enjoy it might decide he won't help. God bless you for that. What keeps you going. It's turned out to skip the next phase of life. Is the world's most rewarding period in my I think it is what it is the most frustrating the most challenging well but it's also must reward. Do you want to tell you when I was in high school. Are you I was five wood nine about a 130 pounds and played sports but it relies on an angle pearl. At 5930. Pounds I started Kennedy doing things in my community of people there and and helping out and realize I guess that's leadership qualities and how come home really frustrated because a optimum moment Dan that you know get this great opportunity for all these kids to go and nobody really want to do anything in. She just tell me all the time just remember that your passion is not always there it's so big two that's rely on your frustrations slicing giving them off to count. Right right I mean Americans are really fairly well informed. We have to go from knowing to doing. And that's the challenge for me and others and that thing is. It will turn out to be the most rewarding part of their life if in fact they do get off the counts and become caring compassionate. People who Keith how but anyways can I help how can how can we help. Well make him get on our website and join them newsletter we have packing parties once a year can. Where we compact things and send them over to Afghanistan through what's called the dent in program. And we can shift things for free. In the that you find out about those and bring us. There stuff Penn if there's one thing we have in this country. We've got stuff in the line is that the superdome a closed blows books. Jews and patriots wore magically. It's helpful I've had 30000. Knitted garments. Donated by Americans the lived throughout the United States that have gone over Afghanistan and distributed to the children there and had a unit shipped free Edwards now well there's a program called the Denton program where the military well actually transport. Humanitarian aid for free. So we get it. Packed up box that give it to Travis. They'll fly at all way to Kabul and your Websense trust in education dot org and dot whore and as we implant and all these different things you do wounded Burnett you know opened with the Indonesian. Yeah and others make you do he has. I will be giving a talk at the commonwealth club. On December 4 all right. Com and you'll get the longer virgin this is the idea reader's digest version of what's going to come we'll call Obama too is that going to be would we get out of that. She'll compete informed and educated and hopefully be inspired. We get some lunch. It's as dinnertime okayed because you didn't go to dinner Guinness book they're. A kimonos are included in the price it's a monitor ugly Americans you don't always have to get a free meal go learn some things right now well and I'm not the one that sets the price and I don't trust education doesn't receive the money. Okay but it as a great opportunity for what's going on so. I again this fascinated with going to Afghanistan the first time in the twentieth time to to go and I'm sure you've got friends immediately work within the context of the journal contained. What are some of the things that if I were to go to Afghanistan and wanna do. Similar to what you're doing what are some things you would expect that I need to be careful about. Well you see the biggest risk is not necessarily being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Or someone decides to blow themselves up as it can happen anywhere on examine him. Bigger risk is too man. So we never tell where I'm gonna be we'll stay very long. And its purchasing 520 times were fairly well known now. We have 25 people working for us whether all Afghan. Either Dana I have ever inhaled. Or threatened. Perhaps we have now past mean and gasoline basement were in the process of educating girls younger students who would you try and do your opinion people here right so and I am question here it is says. Awarded the agency to provide assistance Tuesday girls so from what H two way or scrape through. Actually were up to polished we have people who are sponsoring children. Who were working on the streets of Kabul. It turns out for fifty dollars a month you can get them off the streets and into school. We have 85 of those children were now being sponsored by people in schools. In the United States who were off the streets again. Many of which are now. Graduated from high school graduate from pilots if you dollars a month it's about one week's worth of call he would have periods since its late downstairs. Right and that's ridiculous so it's it's totally life altering. Totally abandon its so so. What's been your biggest joy I mean I know we have some success stories to get as napkins and come over here to the United States that are doing things and continue their education and our. What are what are your biggest success stories. I periodically learn about. Now for example a street child. Who was on the street six or seven years ago. Is now MetLife. Graduate. Came to your programs in our program and when I spoke with her when I met with there my answer she would have been able to go to school. And we not provided the support is. Likely be married by now that children. Be subservient to her husband. The Vietnamese girls that American working in schools that are teachers and have an idea yeah we're just starting at some college graduate programs in effect for about six years. Ago. All right so once again you're going to be speaking at the commonwealth club to me a little bit more about it to beat Novak were there a couple of club in San Francisco. It's right down in the market Euro market there you can take Bart you get there it's a new facility they tell me it's beautiful. By its December 4 and I think it's either 5 or 6 o'clock. In on line. And buy tickets in goatee trust in education dot org correct anybody that he when you wish attitude has been really helpful to you'll all the easier it is. If you've chosen to back you. To determine acknowledged as the people in general when I when I send out an email for a packing party over a hundred people's. There are people who are prepared to give prepared and care. To clear about the people of Afghanistan can tell me again what can buy items as they should be doing they should bring in any warm. Like it's we've done stuffed animals. For the children. But the things that are most important to them. Are. Anything that helps them get through the winners poem but I'm nothing but respect pro the word that you don't need he looks so happy about it too so. Good for you god bless you and and just keep doing what you don't care major thanks for coming in today. That's gonna do towards fearless and a Bay Area when I think my guest mr. bud McKinsey the founder of trust and education. I'm your host Jerry dome and in case missed part of the show where you just wanna hear all over again. Google Earth in the being carried out common chicken or podcast page my producer Carl's. Proms this would be up by Monday afternoon he sure doors and again next week and until it's because units are things.