USS Hornet Halloween

Sunday, October 15th

Sue Hall speaks with Marie Riccobene, Events Dirrector for the USS Hornet Air and Space Museum, about their upcoming Halloween fundraiser and a future event to honor fire fighters in the North bay firestorm.


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Good morning I'm sue hall and this is today he's worlds you can listen to this show and others at today's world SF dot com. And is always if you have community events have fund raiser a benefit or you run a nonprofit and have an idea. For a program we would love to hear from you can always get a hold of me at Su at KL YET dot com or today's world SF dot com. For the next fifteen minutes I'm speaking with Maria Rick a Benny the event's director at the USS hornets welcome. Pricing thank you so much for having me here gas so you have to have lots of fun events on the morning I've been there a couple of times it's a fantastic. Museum and showcase says let's talk a little bit about the history of the aircraft carrier let me USA. Hornet was built in 1942. Commissioned in 1943. And in service until 1970. And Wheeler highly decorated during World War II in the Pacific theater. We also and Hanna brought back all of the troops from Japan on something called the magic carpet ride which is bringing people back to hunters point. And beyond our history with and World War II we also went on to recover the Apollo eleven and Apollo twelve astronauts. Neil Armstrong and those are transfer steps on earth which took place on our ship that's cool great history. And it is docked permanently an Alameda and I don't know. Think we don't know that Thursday full blown a museum in a walk back in time. I am very as we have. An exquisite view of San Francisco from our flight to the content now. We're about ten minutes from the gate bridge overlooking San Francisco. Alan is a quaint little island just south of Oakland. Some folks call it opens beach and Thompson yeah I can visit. And what can people find when they get on board how well an aircraft carrier you're walking up to ship the size. At a cruise ship for the Titanic it's huge. Where about three football fields long. We have eighteen levels on the action. You know all the way down to our engine rumor all the way up to our navigation and captains preaches hate seeing the Altec now technology from the 1940s and navigation bridge it's huge compared to Hillary out of our constant back into the evolution is pretty awesome and you actually have a space capsule on board we do we have the and Apollo eleven and command until. That did go into orbit it was a test capsule we have the largest. And NASA and camera and exhibits on the west collapsed so it's it's pretty calm. And you also have via very cool air stream that he astronauts. We get out you know out from seed they picked up from cat capsule and not know lean. What kind of things might be an outer space they would sit in the quarantine in and it it hit an air stream it is so cool it. It's so retro 60s and I am and that we have the instrument from the Apollo fourteen mission and it's called a mobile quarantine facility and it was because they were from the moon germs now says they aren't there and friendly laughs now but they didn't know this is uncharted territory obviously if who germs. That's that and sold in people can come in each word this entire museum. And I know you've had groups that come and spend the nights and a battle of the and we do we have this. Amazingly the deliberate program through our Education Department and we have. Skin out so we families if church groups. Spending the night and they live. Like a sailor a racquet out on in our birthing areas which are three mattresses connected by chains. So they have to bring our own sleeping man so and they get awakened with revelry in the morning. We have some and ghost stories from them in the evening it's fun it is that shipped supposed to be her until we aren't notoriously not done. My knee hit me something I didn't know this whale we're actually called the green goes to that term was coined in 1943. When the USS hornet went into the Pacific after our predecessor. The and USS when it CD eight. It was in the battle of midway and then. And damaged in the battle of the Santa Cruz islands. We were christened the USS hornet because there's always been an appointment in NATO history. I'm starting with clipper ships now the hornets you've heard last week or actually flying the blue angels. I. And when we went back to the Pacific the Japanese thought hey we got the ship and they call just a great test we haven't been hit in back now. He's actually very very lucky ship that we did lose about a hundred sailors to the typhoon in 1940. And they see me yet they remain where they were happy it was on the assessment that. And an incredible how we speaking with Marie recoup any she's their events director at the USS. Hunted hornet to which brings us to this time of year. Which of course is Halloween. And test so many things we've been hearing so equal things to do on the ship year round but you are having a big bad. Coming out Julie do you every year we do a monsters fashion or supersize tan and where partnering with antenna was Stuart. Here for years ran a party called the zombie prom. And he's gonna bring us some live music some entertainment we're going to be doing actual ghost tours the as well as we have a group seek debts that Bertha Ford dealership in training for their future. And they're called the gray ghost envisioned and so they're going to be hunting are sick day for that sound the sick they crawl. So getting costume and come on out now and let's talk a little bit about where for well first let's talk about tickets USS dash hornet dot org network yes and then you can guarantee you. Cash and slash challengers slash monsters dot bash 2017. Okay. And that tickets are still available for that and of course it's all benefits it goes back into. The museum itself to keep it because obviously you have a lot of volunteers but this has to keep the program rolling and that's then join Norman shipped to maintain it is a couple. So. And let's also give acknowledgment to that there really rough time we've had in the Bay Area with a horrendous fires. In the north bay and another Alou firefighters from all over the state all over the country that have come in and so you've got it tied in with that just a little bit. We do we spoke this and the city of enemy is fire department. And sadly several members lost their homes. So we're going to be doing a benefit for them on board more details will be revealed doesn't know them that it'll be. Think the third weekend in November. And it's to help support those folks that have been fighting for us to. Make sure people are safe and evacuating. And pets island and it's just. An horrendous and your hearing more and more about first responders who themselves. Just left their homes to help other people save bearers and more and more firefighters and like you said first responders. Are without homes handset on the good that they've done for everyone out so. Thank you to the USS hornet for that and I'm sure if you go to their web sites in the coming days you'll get more information again USS. Dash hornet dot works so let's get back to the Halloween. Benefit now I have been into one of these Halloween parties. And there's this huge area that you have them it's like I can even how big is that. This hangar deck of the USS hornet is 44000 square feet please. This huge party every year we actually renting don't. And to corporations as well for private parties it's another stream of funding for the museum keeping three football fields of steel afloat is any easy yeah we don't get government supports yeah its volunteers and it really really. Keep us. So get get a touch because they do any not just them yet to have fun things to do that they not only need volunteers but of course monetary donations and you're always there for military personnel absolute thing I know left fleet week and fourth of July at all kinds of other. Advance that you have on the USS hornet are free to military personnel are correct absolutely we did just this past Saturday. And host a party floor at the East Hartford and the blue angels. The Marines that actually burning all of the materials for the angels. And all around the country and tells us that the pilots. Decided to all awesome. And I. There are so I had a merry US court we have to say there true that through that and thank you for what you're doing Marie Rico Manning she is the event's director at the USS hornet. At what can people expect it now it's not on Halloween what is the exact date it is October 20 apparently started 730. PM we have this huge hangar deck Dantzler dance costume contest. The haunted attractions. It's it's a obviously. Student trips are. Absolutely music dancing yeah accidentally press on and announce will be there and hear us and the big. Believe you cancel review is performing. DG rock and wrong. I'm. MC handsome hawk Valentine spoke as did a bit bigger. And of course accustomed contest which is the way people get really decked out EG if L a lot of time crap and it's not just your store but you know. Costume party and all ages welcome. So welcome we to recommend babies get babysitters and some really more of an adult oriented content now. Definitely don't turn any of you may if you make them you know with your teenagers that's and it's a stunned as yeah exactly USS dash it dot org now. Year round let's talk about some of the fund raising and other ways people can get involved well we have. An amendment a membership program a family membership program which gets you into our museum for our big fourth of July event that we do that nearly half as well as two adults or children we don't check IDC you can bring your friends your kids' friends with you can't and that's an annual program Flores hat and hang. And that you know of course there's our education. And stand the programs we work with. He and with the with Annapolis honesty and then we do and night ops program at stamp which at science technology engineering and mathematics. So not only do children get to spend the night of the art advocates learns something to the innovations the navy were quite incredible. Things like microwave tech. Knology. Radial tires all that and navigation of yours I came from. And so you reach out to schools or did they come TU for these programs how and when you connect twelve CME reaching out to the school districts and as well and it's been an ongoing program so what is it tens of thousands of kids can really damage is upset about it via excellent. And then them monetary donations from shore always well always welcome yes give yourself you know expensive it is to keep something nautical afloat said earlier I always looking for origination I was about 151008. Exactly. Think they didn't help voted it an aircraft carrier stopped over in Alameda has it been permanently there's museum where it came over from hunters point. 95 that became a museum in 1998 that's when we opened our doors thanks to a gazillion volunteers that yeah support any effort. You mostly military volunteers for of any kind of civilian any kind of peaked well any kind of pizza can get. Keeps can go through our training what's really cool about our museum in distinguishes us is our and our docent program in half and we integrate security division based on the US Marine Corps who are that the sheriff's of the ships back in the day how are just since we're really bring to life there experience with the with. Being in the navy most of them although we do well I mean who started the city's anti docent program what's really close listening to the stories of those and actually. Worked in the engine room where the navigation premature at this and I'm sure they love coming and sharing their style it's a wonderful fellowship that we've developed. There for the sense that a 120 agent since 200 volunteers working every month. Now. And are you up in five days and weeks we hear tonight at seven and it can recast himself on an excellent. Our Maria Rick of any events director at the US escorted now. You what you do hold private events there lead to yet so could it'd get ahold of you and they get hold of me events you know essence. Dash home and it's not alert we've had parties since. 5000 we've had meetings since fifteen people save a lot of space that's flexible tube to yet many weddings. You've got to be really special pride to get married on an aircraft yeah and it didn't hit the that is true that is true. Now I am you're telling me because an air quality and now these northern California fires the aft flight deck right now is not open to damion looked down. It is their quality and decided to classify attack on our hangar deck is and the attacks are right so that's just today that change on a daily basis on an ongoing we've actually never closed her flight tech to do this and it's really devastating. You know it's about time right now in in California and we have to help however we can. And as so we can look for more information on benefits for India fire victims and animals to I was just reading where there's so many displaced animals it's just devastating earlier met list we did any benefits or Foss the friends you know I mean animal shelter on October 5 and the executive director came out there and let us know that he Zanardi his volunteers have already gotten a dozen innocent animals from -- denounce him in great well thanks to. Everyone listening who has done their part to just outpouring of volunteers and goodwill and it is a long haul it's going to be many many years and I'm billions and billions of dollars to it to come back and I have family there they are safe thank goodness as of today there house still standing but. So many are not as fortunate sells our prayers go out to them it would we be remiss without mentioning that so look at. On the hornet website for app can mean events to help out the fire victims USS dash hornet dot org. And again the party date October 28 come on I for the monsters that have monsters bash. Aysu hall and this is today's world and once again if you run a nonprofit or you have a benefit or refineries are coming up and you like some. Help promoting it we are here for you you can email me directly. At Su I keel white tee dot com or check it out visit. Today's world SF dot com where this show and all of our other today's world show live on shows live on the confusing. Today's world S aft dot com. Thank you again Murray from the USS hornet good luck on your Halloween events and we'll be back next weekend.