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Join 96.5 KOIT morning show host Kristen Flowers as she interviews Young Adult fiction writers. As an aspiring writer herself, Kristen will take these authors away from their laptops to talk about the craft of writing. Each episode will cover their personal journey creating their books, the publishing industry and their advice for you.

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#20 Nicole Griffin

Friday, November 17th
Nicole Griffin: Author of THE WHOLE STUPID WAY WE ARE and SMASHIE MCPERTER AND THE MYSTERY OF THE MISSING GOOP. We talk about how to find a character's voice,...

#19 Lisa Maxwell

Friday, November 10th
Lisa Maxwell: New York Times Bestselling author of THE LAST MAGICIAN, SWEET UNREST, UNHOOKED and GATHERING DEEP. We talk about how Lisa wrote her way out of...

#18 Joanna Volavka

Friday, October 27th
Joanna Volavka: Author of THREADWALKERS. In this episode we talk about the advantages of working without an agent and with a small press. She also talks about...

#17 Jessica Verdi

Thursday, October 19th
Jessica Verdi: She is the author of AND SHE WAS, WHAT YOU LEFT BEHIND, THE SUMMER I WASN'T ME and MY LIFE AFTER NOW. She is also an editor and so I'll pick her...

#16 Alyson Gerber

Friday, October 13th
Alyson Gerber: Author of BRACED. She shares how a personal moment in her life led to her debut book. She also gives us great tips for revising and querying.

#15 Anna Priemaza

Friday, October 6th
Anna Priemaza: Author of KAT AND MEG CONQUER THE WORLD: Her debut book comes out on November 7th. She talks to us about being a debut author and what that has...