Nick & Kristen on 96.5 KOIT

Married morning show Nick & Kristen dive into what’s trending in the world and in their lives.

Nick & Kristen have a ton of things to talk about but don't have enough time to get to everything during their morning show from 5:30am - 10:am on 96.5 KOIT in San Francisco. So, they created this podcast to discuss what’s trending in the world and in their lives.  

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#109 Back From Florida!

Wednesday, October 25th
We made it back in one piece from Florida! Hear our stories of the Complainer on our plane out of San Fran, the wedding and all the fun things about that! Plus...

#108 Happiness Is A Warm Cat

Thursday, October 19th
Our deep dive question today asks us to describe our "Joy" and Nick forgot something important in his. Plus we discuss our upcoming trip to Florida, the top 10...

#107 Wedding Wagers

Wednesday, October 18th
Kristen's brother is getting married this weekend and we have made some side bets about a few things that might happen. Plus Kristen may have been tortured by...

#106 Big Animals Eating Each Other

Friday, October 13th
Today is Friday the 13th so we give you some fun fcats and tell you about all the different spooky documentaries we have been watching. Plus we ask where you...

#105 Oddly Attractive

Thursday, October 12th
Who is the celebrity that you find attractive even though they aren't classically beautiful? Plus we recap the North Bay Fires, take a deep dive into our best...