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Pets In Need is Northern California's first no-kill animal shelter, established in 1965. Pets In Need's mission is to advance the no-kill movement, reduce pet homelessness, and find every dog and cat a loving home. We accomplish our mission by rescuing dogs and cats from public shelters where they are in danger of being killed and by finding them forever homes. We keep every animal we rescue until they find a home, no matter how long it takes. We strive to provide quality medical care and behavioral rehabilitation to all animals through staff volunteers, and foster families. Pets In Need also runs a robust education program aimed at teaching both adults and children the importance of caring for animals. 

Pets In Need is located at 

871 5th Avenue, Redwood City 94063

Open Monday through Friday 12pm-5pm, and Saturday through Sunday 11am-5pm

For more Info:

(650) 367-1405


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/petsinneed1965

Twitter: https://twitter.com/PetsInNeed1

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/petsinneed_rwc/

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This Week's Adoptable Pets

Pets In Need: William

If you have only a little time to visit this week, one animal you must meet is William! He's a 4 year old fella looking for a place to call his own. He's very affectionate and will come up to say hi once you walk into the room. He enjoys being around humans and adores being the center of...

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Pets In Need: Pom Pom

It's Pom Pom, everybody! She might be small, but she's got a heart as big as a mountain. On the outside, she's cute, but on the inside, she's one of the smartest dogs we know. This 3 year old is an all-around great companion. We can go on and on about how amazing Pom Pom is, but for now, we'll...

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Pets In Need: Bertha

Bertha may be on the chubby side, but she's sure a keeper. This two year old feline is gentle and oh so affectionate. She is quick to show love toward everyone she meets. And we think her round appearance makes her even more charming (though it will help her to lost a couple pounds). Bertha's...

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Pets In Need: Miley

Smiley Miley is constantly...well...smiling! This sweet girl is always ready for a fun time and revels in the company of canines and humans alike. She's down for whatever adventures might come her way and her small size makes it easy for her to tag along with you. Miley's a one year old...

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Pets In Need: Calvin

Around the shelter, Calvin is known as the rockstar of playgroups. A fitting title as he is a total pro at socializing with other dogs. He's got great manners and is very considerate towards his buddies. Calvin's cordial personality makes this already cute dog even cuter! This 2 year old...

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